Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Your Klarus Guarantee

KLARUS guarantees its high lumen output torches against defects in material and workmanship.

At the discretion of KLARUS, any LED Torch, LED Flashlight, or high lumen output police torch products that are found to be defective under normal use within 2 years of the proof of purchase date will repaired or replaced without charge. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, unreasonable use or product alteration. 

Obviously, failure to follow the general maintenance directions could result in damage to an illumination tool that may not be covered by the KLARUS warranty. 

We ask that you take reasonable care with your equipment however do obviously understand the stresses and pressures our torches work under - because that's what they're designed to do - SWAT teams around the world rely on Klarus - you should too!

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If a torch should prove defective, the product will be repaired or replaced, under the above terms. Please contact us for warranty return instructions

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Klarus XT11 - Tactical Review

I received my Klarus XT11 a few months ago and am now getting my first chance to sit, relax and provide some feedback on this exceptional tactical torch. 

Having been active in the Police service for over 20 years I am by no means new to stress testing equipment. I've served as a patrol officer, on a tactical team and as an instructor. I have also participated in a number of tests of tactical products for specialised team use.

On receiving my Klarus XT11 the first thing that struck me was the minute attention to detail in everything down to the packaging. Everything I needed was there, torch, batteries, charger, lanyard, pouch the whole lot. Just looking at the torch I could tell that it is of extremely high quality manufacturing. No rough edges, no machining burs, no jiggles or rattles. Nice, robust and clean. Controls of the torch were easy to find as they're naturally located when using it tactically. My first tactical vehicle stop for the night sold me and made me a Klarus user for life.

Stopping a suspected stolen vehicle with multiple occupants is never easy or simple. Using the strobe function I was able to literally incapacitate the occupants as my partner approached the vehicle and I provided cover. It was amazing - no matter how the exiting driver tried, he couldn't look directly in the direction of the strobe. It caused immediate disorientation and his hands went straight up to cover his eyes as our verbal commands rained down on him. His companions in the car were as dazzled and confused - and weren't able to look back at us either. What a superb tool! Just a simple flashlight deployed in a tactical manner was able to give me a life saving advantage in a volatile situation. 

Later on the shift, we were first respondents to an accident scene involving multiple vehicles. I was able to use the XT11 in 50% brightness mode to cast light over the entire scene without dazzling the EMS personnel working to rescue a trapped driver. The shift and testing didn't stop there though. All through my shift I was using it like a boy with a new toy. The brightness of the beam was unbelievable and yet when searching a house that may have been broken into, there was no splash back of the light when shining it against full length windows - the beam simply traveled internally as if by magic.

Believe it or not, all of this testing in and around my shift wasn't even the jaw dropping part. Yes, I got it a little wet over the next few shifts and yes, I did indeed drop it a couple of times and it survived - I would expect nothing less with such precision engineering.

The jaw dropping part is that when I went on leave it lay with my kit bag for 4 weeks unused. Straight out of the bag I pressed the switch and there it was - bright and ready and thirsty for work - no noticeable battery drain!I was amazed that the battery hadn't drained noticeably after being unused for so long

Overall I can categorically say that I will never go on duty again without a Klarus torch by my side. As a Police Officer it's one of the best tactical tools I've encountered. Clearly designed by professionals for hard wearing use, it even slipped into a mount on my R5 without question. A figure 8 mount placed it squarely on a normal SAPS issue shotgun - and I can tell you that once you've mounted a XT11 on a shottie you will NEVER use a shotgun in the same way - it changes the tactical application completely and you'll wonder how you ever worked without one.

If you're one of those policemen who is after the best tactical tools available - you have to get an XT11.

Written By: Craig P.
Cape Town

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

How to look after your Tactical Flashlight properly

Nothing is more frustrating when you really, really need your tactical flashlight and you find out that it’s not working anymore. To avoid being in this situation you have to make a routine where you look after your tactical flashlight properly so it is always ready at a moment’s notice.

Consider using these easy steps before storing your beloved tactical flashlight…

1. Always make sure all dirt, dust, grime and water are wiped off of the outside case of the tactical flashlight. Use a soft cloth and try not to dent or damage the material.

2. Check your tactical flashlight to ensure that all threads on the body of the light and the head are clean and dry.

3. ALWAYS check the battery compartment for signs of leakage or corrosion.

4. Its best to remove and inspect the batteries after each use. Never leave the batteries inside your tactical flashlight when you know you won’t be using it for a long time.

5. Check the overall condition of the flashlight. Are there any cracks or holes? Is the power switch damaged? For a quick fix, use tape!

6. The condition of the glass over the bulb is also important. Make sure to clean and polish it and check for any cracks.

7. Don’t forget to examine the bulb and LED itself. If there are any broken or discoloured wires, replace immediately.

8. Do you have a lanyard on your tactical flashlight? If so, check it for any frays and make sure it is secure. The cord is the only thing holding your flashlight from falling.

9. Rust and corrosion can really damage your tactical flashlight, so coat the outside of your flashlight with silicone grease when you can. 

10. If you don’t use your tactical flashlight on a regular basis, wrap it up in a soft cloth to protect it and store it somewhere safe. 

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Even if you don’t often use your flashlight, make it a habit to check it and ensure that it is working properly. Maintaining your torch won’t take a lot of time and effort. You will be thankful you looked after it when you need it in an emergency and it works effectively!

Klarus creates and supplies some of the best LED torch technology on the planet. Visit the Klarus website today and order today!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

5 Important Features your Tactical Flashlight should have

When you’re looking for a tactical flashlight that is high quality, durable as well as affordable, Klarus offers only the best in LED tactical flashlight technology using Cree LEDs. Why? Because, Klarus tactical flashlights promise to consume very little energy, while still emitting a large amount of lumens at the most effective levels.

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Are you considering getting a tactical flashlight, but you’re not sure what all the correct features are? When experts study and test tactical flashlights, they research many different things, here’s what makes a real tactical flashlight, a REAL tactical flashlight!

      1.       It uses the correct batteries

An AA battery is the most common type of battery in the world, so it is easy to find and most of them are cheap to buy. However, a high quality tactical flashlight needs a high quality battery, so opt for the micro USB rechargeable 18650 battery from Klarus. Always remember that a tactical flashlight is no good if it doesn’t turn on!

      2.       100% durable

A proper tactical flashlight can be dropped from a height and live to tell the tale. No – you shouldn’t throw your tactical flashlight down a rocky cliff-face, but a tactical flashlight is manufactured to be able to withstand harsh conditions. If you flashlight breaks when you accidentally drop it on your living room floor, then it might as well be used as a paperweight or a door stopper.

      3.       LED diodes

LED tech has advanced to the point where even if your flashlight is super bright, the battery can still last for a very long time, even on the brightest setting. Basic flashlights which use incandescent bulbs use too much energy to light up, so the battery barely lasts and the light beam is not powerful at all. A tactical flashlight should use the latest LED technology!

      4.       Different modes

A tactical flashlight should have a range of different modes – at least three. The three modes include, the bright mode, which can be used to scare off an animal or temporarily blind an attacker, a middle range brightness mode for everyday use and a low mode which can be used in emergency situations when you need the battery life to last extra-long.

      5.       Reputation

It is so important that the tactical flashlight that you decide to purchase offers only the best in LED flashlight technology. Klarus designs and manufactures some of the best, most exciting and innovative LED flashlights on the planet. Make sure you choose a tactical flashlight that has a solid reputation that has proven to be effective in the field.

Always do you research before you buy a tactical flashlight – these five features are the backbone for any high-quality tactical flashlight!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How to Safely Move Around in the Dark with a Flashlight

If you ever hear something go bump in the night, there may be a danger nearby. There is a certain way you need to move around in a dark space when you are using your flashlight to maximise your safety.

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Here’s how to do it…

>> Try the light switch first

If you are in a low-light environment, your first step should be to simply try turn on the main light source if it is convenient and safe to do so. The more light, the better!

Yes, there will be situations when turning on the main light switch is impossible. You may not be near the switch, the electricity is out or you are outside, etc. In that case you will need to use your flashlight!

Keep in mind that if you suspect threat there is an attacker nearby, you will need to use your flashlight in a certain way to keep yourself safe.

>> Light on, scan, light off, move

When you are maneuvering in a low-light environment and believe that there is an armed attacker nearby, you don’t want to leave your flashlight on the entire time. This will only make you an easy target. Instead, follow these simple steps:

- Light on
- Scan environment. Look for threats
- Light off
- Move
- Repeat

Your threat will likely shoot at or attack where they last saw the light from your flashlight. By turning off your flashlight and then moving, you will increase the chances that you’re not standing where your threat is going to attack.

Now you know how to safely and successfully move around in the dark!

For a range of durable, reliable, affordable, high quality flashlights as well as flashlight accessories, take a look at the Klarus website, email sales@klaruslight.co.za or call 071 6136 777

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

An LED Flashlight Myth you shouldn’t believe

When you think about a tactical flashlight, the first thing that pops into your mind is a huge, heavy flashlight that is too big and bulky to be used by the average Joe, only police personnel and security guards.

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Get this image out of your mind, because this is not what tactical LED flashlights are all about! They are not only designed for specialised purposes – yes, you can own one too!

Everyday technology continues to grow and evolve, as does LED flashlight technology. As torch technology changes, flashlights are now available to anyone in a variety of shapes and sizes, with many different features too.

If you are only going to be using your LED flashlight for simple tasks around the house, like finding your keys under your seat or lighting up the house when the power goes out then a tactical flashlight that fits conveniently in your pocket is just right. Obviously if you’d like a more heavy duty flashlight for hiking trips, etc. then you’ll still be able to own one.

The most impressive advancement in LED flashlight technology is the LED bulbs that can now be found in almost every single tactical flashlight out there. They are not only smaller and lighter, but they’re also more powerful! Usually more power means the battery does not last as long, however LED combine power and extended battery life.

Looking for an affordable tactical flashlight, big or small? Visit the Klarus Light website and have a look through the wide range of torches. From the large XT20 Tactical Torch to the tiny Mi7 – place your order today from sales@klaruslight.co.za or call 071 6136 777.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

How your LED Flashlight can save your life!

The darkness can be a dangerous and scary place, especially in an emergency situation when you have to do what you can to fight to survive. The dark can really be your greatest enemy – it’s confusing, it creates panic and fear and it is a great place for awaiting criminals to hide.

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Klarus designs and manufacture some of the most exciting, practical and innovative LED torches on the planet with ultra-high Lumen output. Place your orders today!

When it comes to staying safe and feeling safe in the dark, a reliable flashlight is one of the most important tools to keep on hand at all times. Learning how to use your LED flashlight properly can mean the difference between life and death in a number of survival situations.

Here are five ways you can use your flashlight to save your life:

- See trouble coming from a mile away!

Criminals love to work in the cover of darkness, so spoil their plans by getting an LED flashlight and spot a potential attack before it even happens. Shine your LED flashlight when you walk home and you’ll be able to light up the shadows where criminals may be hiding.

- Self-defence

A sturdy, durable tactical LED flashlight can also be used as a weapon against an attacker. Instead of holding it the way people usually do, with your fingers pointing towards the bulb, invert your fist and grip the flashlight with the bulb pointing away from your thumb. Holding your LED flashlight this way will allow you to use to jab an attacker or swing it like a baton!

- Signal for help

Use your LED flashlight as an emergency signal if you are ever lost, stranded or in trouble. Many hikers who have been lost have used their LED flashlights as signals so search and rescue teams can find them. Always remember that three fast pulses of light can be used to signal for help.

Image result for flashlight camping

- Protect against an animal attack

There might be a time in your life when you are out camping or hiking and you come across a dangerous, wild animal. Should this happen at night, a bright blast of light in an animals eye with your LED flashlight will disorientate the creature and hopefully scare them enough to send them running.

- Escape a potential death trap

In the event that there is an earthquake, tsunami, fire or any other natural disaster you may be trapped in a dark building that you need to quickly escape from. Having a handy LED flashlight on hand will hopefully keep you calm and help you get out without too many injuries.

Survival is all about resourcefulness and getting the most out of every tool available to you. An LED flashlight is one of the most versatile tools available!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

How to look after your Flashlight properly

When you desperately need your torch and you pull it out to discover it’s not working anymore, nothing is more frustrating! To avoid this dilemma you have to create a routine where you maintain and store your flashlight so it’s always ready at a moment’s notice.

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 Consider using these easy steps before storing your beloved flashlight…

1. Always make sure all bits of dirt, dust, grime and water are wiped off of the outside case of the torch. Use a soft cloth and try not to dent or damage the material.

2. Ensure the threads on the body and the head are clean and dry and without any snags.

3. ALWAYS check the battery compartment for signs of leakage or corrosion.

4. Its best to remove and inspect the batteries after each use. Never leave the batteries inside your torch when you know you won’t be using it for a long time.

5. Check the overall condition of the flashlight. Are there any cracks or holes? Is the power switch damaged? For a quick fix, use tape!

6. The condition of the glass over the bulb is also important. Make sure to clean and polish it and check for any cracks.

7. Don’t forget to examine the bulb and LED itself. If there are any broken or discoloured wires, replace immediately.

8. Do you have a lanyard on your flashlight? If so, check it for any frays and make sure it is secure. The cord is the only thing holding your flashlight from falling.

9. Protect your torch against rust and corrosion. Lightly coat all the grooves and ridges with silicone grease when possible.

10. If you rarely use your flashlight, wrap it in soft protective cloth when you store it.

Even if you don’t often use your flashlight, make it a habit to check it and ensure that it is working properly. Maintaining your torch won’t take a lot of time and effort. You will be thankful you looked after it when you need it in an emergency and it works effectively!

Klarus creates and supplies some of the best LED torch technology on the planet. Visit the Klarus website today and order today!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Choosing the Perfect Tactical Flashlight for Police Work

There is a reason we call tactical flashlights tactical. Why? Because they are mainly used by tactical forces, one of the largest markets being the police force.

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A police officer needs a dependable flashlight, one that is high quality, powerful and easy to use. So, what features are required of a tactical flashlight in the police force?

  n  High Lumen Output

Police officers need to be bright! Most police tasks, especially search and rescue operations need an above average lumen output in order to see victims or criminals.

  n  Beam Distance

When police officers choose how far their beam throw needs to be, they need to take into consideration how they will be using their tactical flashlight. If they are doing regular residential patrols then they won’t need a beam distance as long as police officers patrolling rural areas.

  n  Battery Life

An average shift for a police officer can last up to 12 hours without any access to a charger, so having a tactical flashlight that has a battery life that lasts long is a must.

  n  Impact Resistance

Working in the police force can be dangerous; you never know what conditions will be thrown your way. Police officers often tussle with criminals or get knocked down on the job. This is why it is important to have a tactical flashlight that can handle the impact and keep on functioning.

  n  Size & Weight

A police officer’s carries a lot of equipment on the job. When you think about the amount of weight they need to be carrying on a daily basis, a conveniently sized flashlight would be the best option, especially when they use their flashlight alongside their weapon.

A tactical flashlight is perfect for tactical work; this is why police officers are one of the largest groups of tactical flashlight buyers.

Looking for a high quality tactical flashlight? Visit the Klarus website, browse through the large range of affordable flashlights as well as accessories and place your order! Call 071 6136 777 or email sales@klaruslight.co.za

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

How to preserve your Night Vision when using a Tactical Flashlight

When using a tactical flashlight it can be frustrating as well as dangerous to have to wait a few seconds for your night vision to readjust again.

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So what is the best colour to use with your tactical flashlight to preserve night vision?

Well, the answer is tricky because it depends!

For many years, all tactical flashlight owners believed that red light was the best colour to utilize in order to preserve their night vision (That’s why our vehicle’s tail lights are red in colour). However just because red light is used in dark rooms when developing film, and it is seen as a good preserver of your night vision, doesn’t mean it is as unquestionable as people once thought.

Image result for red flashlight lightLet’s take a look at the theory behind our night vision…

The part of our eye that allows us to see in low lighting are called the rods. The rods are apparently not as sensitive to the colour red as they are to other colours, meaning that red light can be seen when using a tactical flashlight without giving up night vision. This theory is logical, but it actually doesn’t work like that.

The fact is that no matter the colour that is being used on the tactical flashlight – blue, red or green – the chemical in the eye that allows night vision to work is broken down immediately. The problem when it comes to preserving night vision is not the colour of the tactical flashlight, but instead the brightness of the light. The only way you can truly maintain your night vision is to change the intensity of the tactical flashlight’s beam.

But simply using your eyes instead of a coloured tactical flashlight can have its issues, such as:

  n  You cannot see directly in front of you
  n  You cannot see colours
  n  It is difficult to see and recognize details

What is the answer to preserve your night vision when using your tactical flashlight? You need a flashlight that is able to add coloured filters as well as change to different lighting modes.

Image result for red flashlight light

Visit the Klarus website and take a look at the range of different tactical flashlights on offer. Many allow you to alter the intensity of the flashlight beam as well as add optional coloured filters.

Klarus Light designs and manufactures some of the most exciting, practical and innovative LED torches on the planet with ultra-high Lumen output.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Klarus G20 - The Search Light that Fits into the Palm of your Hand

Klarus is renowned for creating some of the most innovative, truly incredible flashlights on the planet. The Klarus torches are precisely made tools built to withstand the rugged wilderness and offer a high lumen output that can illuminate for metres ahead!

Image result for klarus G20

Offering only the best in LED torch technology using Cree LEDs, Klarus tactical torches promise users that very little energy will be consumed, but a large amount of lumens will still be emitted at the most effective levels.

If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, Klarus makes some of the best LED tactical torches on the planet!

Let’s take a look at the Klarus G20 torch

Exceeding its role at being stealthy with bucket loads of power, the G20 outputs a blinding 3000 lumens with a 6 day running time and a beam that can light up even the darkest of nights!

Created to be a mini search light, the G20 has a super bright, wide beam with no blind spots, making it the perfect flashlight for camping, hiking, rescue and emergency personnel.

It is a surprise how small the Klarus G20 is, when it comes to search lights you would expect a torch that is a lot bigger and a lot heavier. However, the G20 fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, but is still capable of producing a wide, intense beam of light.

Image result for klarus G20

The G20 has been manufactured with a beautiful aerospace aluminium alloy body that is scratch resistant and waterproof for up to two metres. You’re probably thinking that the G20 is difficult to use – no! It has a simple side / tail independent dual switch control for easy usage and a lock-out mode to prevent accidental power-on.

Transform your night into day with the one-touch turbo feature, allowing you to instantly go from reading a book in the one-touch low mode to illuminating the entire area around you. The torch also features a strobe mode and an SOS mode for those you find themselves in an emergency situation.

The Klarus G20 is able to monitor its own internal temperature and adjust the output to provide the maximum lumen output. This in turn protects the LEDs and the components inside to ensure safety, stability and optimum performance.

Have you been searching for an extremely bright and durable tactical torch that can provide you with a lumen output of 3000? The Klarus G20 torch from Klarus may just be the perfect light for you.
Rule the night with the Klarus G20!

Image result for klarus G20

To purchase your very own G20 torch, visit Klarus Light and place your order today!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Signalling for Help with your Flashlight

No matter how much of a professional you are, the wilderness is unpredictable and it can turn your simple hiking trip into a fight to survive.

Injuries, weather changes, wild animals or simply getting lost can end in you needing to summon help immediately.

A flashlight could mean the difference between life and death, so you need to learn how to use your torch to signal for help when times get tough.


When you are trying to signal for help, it is vital that your torch is powerful enough to be seen from a distance away, on the ground and in the air. This is why it is better to purchase a powerful LED tactical torch than a regular cheap torch that will only provide a weak beam of light. LED flashlight’s can be seen from far distances – visit the Klarus website and take a look at the range of LED tactical torches. The Klarus G20 and the Klarus XT12 GT are recommended choices.

If your backpack is spacious, it is also a great idea to bring along a LED lantern. Why? Because they are bright and offer longer battery life as well as emergency strobe settings that’ll help rescuers find you easily.

Yes, it is important not to wander off as you may get more lost, however it is a smart idea to try and find a high point or a large clearing where you can send out your signal to heighten your chances of being spotted. BUT only do this if you are not injured and you can see the location from where you are standing – never wander off without knowing where you are going!

Image result for lost hiking


It is tempting to leave your flashlight on in case someone happens to see it, however it is important to make sure your batteries last a long time – you don’t know how long you’re going to be searching for help! Use your torch as sparingly as you can to preserve battery life, even if your torch has long-lasting LED technology.

Signal for help in brief blasts of light by turning your flashlight on and off instead. Here’s how:

  n  Three flashes in a row signal that you are in need of help.

  n  The Morse code signal for help is: three short flashes, three long flashes and three more short flashes.

If there is a helicopter in the distance your torch can be used to signal it for help, so always keep your eyes and ears open for any lights, sounds and other signs that people might be nearby. This is why it is so important to preserve your batteries, so you can signal over help when necessary.

Image result for shining flashlight


If you manage to signal help you may be tempted to move from your position and head towards your rescuers, however this is the worst mistake you can make! You can signal for help at your current position, so the last thing you want to do is move from that position and not be there when people arrive to help you.

Rather keep calm and wait for them to come to you instead, while signalling to help them find where you are located.

Planning on taking a hiking trip? Always remember your trusty flashlight is not just for lighting up the dark, but it can also save your life in times of need!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

7 Helpful ways to use your Flashlight when you go Camping

A flashlight can be used for a lot more than you may think. A torch is usually used to light up dark places when you need assistance; however it has many more helpful functions.

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Since LED technology has advanced over the last few years, torches have become smaller, brighter and much easier to control. They use far less energy than they did before yet they are very compact in design. Because of these features, flashlights have become a necessity in everyday life.

Services such as police enforcement, security services and rescue personnel use flashlights all the time and they are a part of their everyday carry, however flashlights are also perfect for when you go camping or hiking.

A torch is not just there for illumination, it can also be used for self-defence in a dangerous situation as well as help in an emergency situation. Tactical torches were invented for this very purpose that is why they are so popular in the military and other armed forces.

A flashlight needs to be reliable, especially when you take it camping. Every responsible camper knows a flashlight is a must-have, no matter if you are just using it for the quick trip to the showers or during a dangerous night hike. While you are camping ALWAYS bring your torch along!

Here are 7 helpful ways to use your flashlight when you go camping:

     1.       Use your torch to light up the outdoors while you are hiking, setting up your campsite or driving.

     2.       Have the ability to read at night with your flashlight. Create an easy headlamp with the Klarus torch head strap.

     3.       Cook after the sun sets with the assistance of your flashlight.

     4.       Search for things in the dark and light up any suspicious objects.

     5.       Use your torch to light up your campsite.

     6.       Tactical torches can be used as a self-defence tool. Light up the area to scare a potential attacker or dangerous animal away or shine directly into their eyes to temporarily blind them.

     7.       The body of most tactical torches is extremely hard and strong enough to be used as a weapon.

Related image

Klarus has a range of tactical torches that are perfect for the great outdoors, we could recommend the Klarus G20 and the Klarus XT11S.

Your tactical torch can used in a number of ways, camping is one of them. Make sure to always keep your flashlight on hand when you take your next camping trip. What else would you use your flashlight for when you go camping?

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Most Important Features of a Tactical Torch

You’ve heard the term “tactical torch” or “tactical flashlight” many times, but because it is used so often do you have any idea what its proper meaning is?

So if people are using the term more often than they should, what is the real definition of a tactical torch and what exactly makes it one?

Related image

Here are the most important features of a tactical torch:

High Quality – A tactical torch may be a bit on the expensive side, however it is a quality investment that will last you for many years to come.

Variable Modes – A torch is not tactical unless it has a range of different modes (often including an SOS mode) as well as different brightness levels.

Simple Interface – A tactical torch is designed to be used in high pressure, dark and sometimes dangerous situations. The user interface of the torch needs to be easy to use and simple to understand such as a side switch or a tail cap switch.

Interruption Modes – When you have the ability to quickly use your high intensity beam or strobe then you have a proper tactical torch. The interruption mode allows you to temporarily disorientate a potential attacker.

Related imageHigh Lumen Output – You won’t always need to use a blinding 2000 lumens, however if your torch doesn’t offer a lumen output that is at least in the hundreds then you can’t really call it a tactical flashlight.

Tough and Durable – A tactical flashlight is often used in tough conditions, like outside in the wilderness or in the pouring rain so it needs to work even during the bad times.

Carrying Options – A tactical flashlight needs to be easy to carry and to access. A lot of tactical torches come with a holster or a clip for easy access.

Weapon Mount – tactical torches are specifically designed to be used with a weapon. Always make sure that your torch is compatible with the weapon mount that you choose to use.

Take a look through Klarus Light’s wide range of high quality tactical torches! We recommend the Klarus G30 and the Klarus XT30R or take a look through the range of flashlight accessories.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Using your Tactical Torch for Self-Defense

When you use it in the right way, your average tactical flashlight can be turned into an amazing self-defense weapon!

Image result for woman being followed

Your trusty flashlight can be taken just about anywhere with you, from the shopping mall and the movie theatre to an airplane where weapons are banned, but your torch can still be kept by your side for personal defense.

Here are the most important ways you can use your flashlight to protect yourself…

Identify possible threats – Most attackers will use the cover of darkness as an advantage against you. A bright torch that has a high lumen output, such as the Klarus G30, with a whopping 2450 lumens is perfect for identifying anything dangerous in areas that don’t have much light. This enables you to spot dangers skulking in the shadows and scare them off.

Disorientate attackers – When someone shines a bright light directly into your eyes when it is dark it can really blind you for a few seconds, even minutes! Take advantage of this and use it against anyone who tries to attack you! The Klarus G20 has an output of a blinding 3000 lumens! This is enough to disorientate anyone that dares to confront you. Once your attacker is blinded you will have enough time to escape the situation and search for help.

Acts as a weapon – A lot of tactical torches such as the Klarus XT30R have a stainless steel strike bezel which is manufactured to be used in emergency situations. However it can be used as an improvised and highly effective weapon during an attack. After you’ve momentarily blinded your attacker by shining directly into his eyes, you have the opportunity to strike as hard as you can with your stainless steel strike bezel.

All tactical torches are different, however if you are looking for a torch that can also be used in a self-defense situation, it needs to have the following features:

      -          Small and easy to carry
      -          Simply buttons and functions
      -          Extremely bright
      -          Reliable
      -          Durable
      -          Established brand such as Klarus

When you think about self-defense a flashlight might not be the first thing that pops into your mind, however when you use it in the right way, it can very well be the best weapon for self-protection!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Using a Tactical Flashlight for Hunting, Military and Police Work

You can use your tactical flashlight in many ways, including hunting, military work and law enforcement.

Below we will discuss how your tactical torch can assist you in each area...

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Hunting Flashlights:

When you’re in the wilderness, your torch becomes your best friend! There are so many ways it can assist you – lighting up your aim, sending out an SOS and even blinding a predator or your prey.
The importance of your tactical flashlight is vital. Klarus provides compact, durable flashlights that fit snugly under or next to the barrel of your hunting weapon, so no problems will be experienced when you are busy hunting.

The Klarus XT11S is an ultra-compact, lightweight, super-bright tactical torch that has a special hunting mode, a whopping 1100LM output as well as the ability to attach colourful filters – visit the Klarus website and place your order today!

Military Flashlights:

These torches are specially made for forces such as the army and the military. Generally they are attached underneath or next to the barrel of the weapon, and can be used with other equipment such as a gun mount or a pressure switch.

A military flashlight will usually have three specific light signals Strobe, SOS and firefly. These light signals are used in emergency and combat situations.

A great tactical military flashlight is the Klarus XT1C or the Klarus XT30R.

Police Flashlights:

In law enforcement, you will always need a handy flashlight nearby. When mounted on a weapon it can be used by special forces or simply with a handheld weapon. A tactical flashlight is something can be used in self-defence by either striking the attacker or shining the light directly in their eyes to momentarily disable them.

A police flashlight needs to be sturdy, durable, impact resistant, and compact with a strong body, steel bezels and preferably a Strobe light setting. It should overall combine the use of a baton with a light!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

What exactly is a Tactical Flashlight?

Your normal, everyday use flashlight is a lot different to a tactical flashlight. Why? Because tactical flashlights are designed with a different purpose in mind.

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Tactical flashlights are usually made from durable, aluminium that can take a hit and still live to tell the tale. Designed to be mounted on a weapon and used in a range of different weather conditions, a tactical torch is created to withstand a lot.

If you have been searching for a flashlight that is easy to carry, bright and can also double as a self-defence weapon, then a tactical torch is what you’re looking for.

But, why exactly should you use a tactical flashlight? There are many reasons; here are a few of the most important ones...


A tactical torch can really help when you are in a dangerous situation. If someone threatens your safety, a bright light with high lumens shining in their eyes can temporarily blind and disorientate someone enough to allow you to escape. Many tactical torches also have bezel edges which are supposed to help if you ever have to break through a window, however it can also be great to use it if you have to defend yourself. Take a look at the Klarus XT12 GT – it is small enough to carry around and it offers a high lumen output.

Identifying Threats

A tactical torch is after all, a torch! So if you are ever walking in a dark place a trusty flashlight is perfect. A torch is there to light up the dark, whether it is at home, in your car or in a dark alley. Tactical flashlights these days are extremely bright, so they can shine at a great distance. Check out the Klarus G20 with a massive output of 3000LM!

Emergency Situations

When the power goes out, the worst thing is to not have a trusty flashlight on hand. Having a tactical torch will mean that you instantly have light, bright light!

Looking to purchase a tactical flashlight? Place your order from Klarus Light today!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Review – Klarus XT12 GT

Are you looking for a tactical torch that can send out a large amount of lumens, but still have a battery that lasts?

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The Klarus XT12 GT is a torch that sends out a whopping 1600 lumens of blinding power! Here are a few things that have really stuck out about this light...

Charge your XT12 GT like you charge your MacBook – with a magnetic charging interface that allows the charger to literally jump onto the charging port. When the torch starts charging the light will shine red and a green light will appear when it is complete. Even the light glows brightly enough for you to see if your flashlight is done charging from across the room.

On the tail of the flashlight is a mount which allows it to be attached easily to just about anything, e.g. your jeans, holster or key ring.  There are also great accessories that you can add onto the XT12, such as a remote pressure tail cap and multiple colourful filters.

The XT12 GT is able to work in even the most severe weather conditions with its hard aluminium body and ability to be underwater at depths of up to 2 metres. It is comfortable in your hand when you hold it, plus the charging connector even has a nifty light you can use!

You can buy the Klarus XT12 GT from www.klaruslight.co.za or take a look at the range of other tactical torches and accessories.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to Properly Care for your Flashlight

Your flashlight is an important tool that can be used for a lot more tasks then you may think, it might even save your life one day. However, if you don’t care for your flashlight properly it won’t work when you need it the most!

Here are some great tips on how to care for your flashlight...

     ·         Always store your flashlight in a cool, dry area that is easy to reach – you never know when you’re going to be left in the dark!

     ·         Never leave your torch under your car seat or somewhere with the sun shining on it, rather keep it in your cubbyhole.

     ·         Make sure to replace your batteries with fresh ones monthly, especially if you haven’t used the flashlight in a long time.

     ·         In case you are ever in an emergency situation, keep a flashlight in every room in your house and one in your car.

     ·         Never keep your flashlight in an area that gets very hot, this could cause your batteries to leak!

Caring for your tactical torch or regular flashlight is an important part of owning one. Making sure it works when you need it the most is vital!

Looking for a high quality tactical torch? Klarus Light manufactures some of the most innovative flashlights in the world! Visit the Klarus website for a wide range of tactical torches and accessories.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Review - Klarus XT30R

Every so often I’m asked to evaluate a working tool that just jumps out from the rest and says “Take my money!”


The Klarus XT30R definitively fits within this category. When I received this well packaged torch, I immediately dove into the packaging to see what there was to fiddle with. Out came a slim, comfortable and well balanced torch that’s apparently suitable for hunting and tactical applications. Personally – I’ve found it to have many more applications than that.

Now it’s no secret I’m a Klarus fan through and through. The packaging is always attractive and well thought out. The contents of the goodie box is logical and practical at the same time. This was no exception. The first thing I noted was the magnetic charging port. With a lifestyle that means I often have to literally grab equipment and run, getting stuck to charging points isn’t one of my favourite passtimes. Much like the legendary Mac chargers, you push the magnetic contact to the torch and that’s it. No need to take batteries in and out at all.

I was patient and gave the batteries a full charge before putting this beast to the test. First off was the garden test. I like to wait till well after dark, then take a wander around the house and see what the usability would be at night in a home environment. To say that this beast and it’s 1800 lumen abilities lit up the garden is an understatement. Bearing in mind that my property is a good 600sq meters it literally lit up the entire side of the house. Dark little corners behind shrubs, the works. I even went as far as to challenge my son to hide in the garden and see if I could spot him – no problem there at all.

The box claimed to deliver 800m plus illumination – being the doubting Thomas that I am, I needed to see this for myself. I set off to the beachfront to get a nice cast of the beam straight down the beach which was in total darkness. Not only was I impressed by the very obvious 800m reach – I was amazed by the depth of illumination and the overall comfort. 


For a torch with a relatively large bulberous shape I was expecting a little clumsiness. Not so, it was well balanced, gripped well and worked exactly as promised. The programmable buttons are typically Klarus quality, 50%, 20%, 10% by my estimation in terms of power output.

I headed home quite impressed with the overall functionality and promptly left it on overnight in the study to drain the battery. Firstly the study was lit up like a beacon, secondly the battery was still holding 6 hours later.

This is definitively my new favourite torch for tactical applications, home use, camping and all manner of applications. A solidly built robust design that delivers on every promise it makes one by one.

Klarus creates some of the most sought after torches on the planet - Visit the Klarus Light website for a range of innovative tactical torches and accessories! 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Why is Durability so Important when Choosing a Flashlight?

The materials that are used to make a flashlight are going to affect how durable the flashlight is. Some materials are stronger, while others are lighter and some are even water resistant. It really is important how durable your light is!

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Plastic – These flashlights are available, but it is not likely to protect the parts inside your flashlight if it is ever dropped or falls into water. If you are looking for a proper flashlight that is of high quality, then it is best to choose one of the other options below.

Anodized Aluminium – Most modern flashlights these days are made from this material. Your best bet is to choose a torch with at least type II anodizing, however most tactical flashlights have type III. Take a look at the Klarus Light website for a range of tactical flashlights as well as accessories!

Stainless Steel – This material makes your flashlight as durable as possible, because of how strong it is, however it is a very heavy material which makes the flashlight difficult to carry.

Titanium – A lot like stainless steel, titanium is durable, but much lighter! It is the ideal material, but if you want a flashlight made from titanium you’re going to have to pay a lot for it.

Water Resistance – Having a flashlight that you know can withstand rain or even falling into a puddle is also part of being durable. Depending on the IPX rating of your flashlight, you’ll know how much water your torch can withstand. Check out the waterproof flashlights on the Klarus Light website!

When you choose the right flashlight suited to your specific needs, always keep durability in mind, it is one of the most important factors.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Klarus K1 Smart Charger

Looking for a charger that suites all your needs? The Klarus K1 Smart Charger is powerful as well as portable, making it one of the most all-round chargers on the market.

Although it is small and weighs under 60 grams, it is fitted with a single bay charging port that can charge a variety of Li-Ion batteries ranging from 18650 and 16340 cells to Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries.

Featuring an innovative LED display where you can see the charging process taking place along with flame-proof plastic - it is as safe as it is sophisticated!

You can find the Klarus K1 Smart Charger on the Klarus light website at an affordable price. 

Do not hesitate to place your orders from sales@klaruslight.co.za or call 071 6136 777 today!

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Choosing a Tactical Flashlight According to Size

Choosing the right size flashlight all depends on what you’re going to use it for. If you’re planning on carrying your torch around with you in your pocket, you can’t buy one that is huge and will just get the way.

The best thing to do is find an equal balance of size and power...

Small Flashlights – In general a small flashlight will be about 10 – 12cm in size, meaning you will not be able to fit in double batteries. In most small flashlights, there will be a tail switch and a deep reflector to shine the light further. Although there is not a large amount of power in a small flashlight, it can still have a range of great features; consider the Klarus Mi7 which is compact and lightweight for everyday carry.

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Medium Flashlight – Between about 12 – 16cm, a medium size flashlight will usually run on two batteries. With more batteries comes more power, which means a higher lumen output and better LEDs. The Klarus XT12 GT is the perfect medium flashlight, with an impressive 1600 lumen output and the ability to shine 603m.

Large Flashlight – Anything over the size of 16cm is considered a large flashlight. Similar to medium flashlights, except a lot more powerful, large flashlights can output huge amounts of lumen. These lights usually have multiple settings, modes and can be really powerful. However the extra size can make them difficult to carry. Stealthy and powerful, the Klarus XT20 is the perfect large flashlight with a max lumen output of 2000!

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Klarus Light creates some of the most innovative, exciting and practical tactical torches in the world! Visit the Klarus website for the best in LED torch technology!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tactical Flashlight Myths

When you think of a tactical flashlight the first image that comes to mind is probably a big, bulky torch that is only used by security guards and police men. However this is not the case at all!

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Technology has evolved from those days and changed tactical flashlights to be available in all different shapes and sizes. Obviously if you would like a heavy duty flashlight you can still own one, but you can also own a light that conveniently fits into your pocket.

One of the biggest tactical flashlight advancements is the LED bulbs that are now used; they are much smaller, lighter and more powerful. All this means that you can own a tactical flashlight that is really tiny, but really powerful at the same time.

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Looking for an affordable tactical flashlight, big or small? Visit the Klarus Light website and have a look through the wide range of torches. From the large XT20 Tactical Torch to the tiny Mi7 – place your order today from sales@klaruslight.co.za or call 071 6136 777.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Best Places to Carry your Flashlight

Most of the time when it comes to flashlights we like to focus on certain features, such as lumen output, beam range, battery life, water resistance, etc. But one of the most important things people forget to think about is how they’re going to carry their flashlight!

How you carry your flashlight depends on your situation and how you use it...

Pockets. If you plan on putting your flashlight in your pocket, you need to make sure it is going to fit. This means your flashlight needs to be relatively small and thin, otherwise it might fall out when it need it most. When you think about how you will carry your light, consider the type of pants or jacket you wear the most – are the pockets small and tight like jean pockets? Or deep like pockets on a parka? A flashlight like the Klarus Mi7 is a great option if you plan on using your pockets as it fits nicely and provides a high lumen output.

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Packs. If you’re a regular hiker or camper you probably carry your flashlight most often in your backpack. This means you have the luxury of getting a slightly bigger flashlight, but you need to make sure it is not too heavy! Never store your light in the bottom of your backpack as that will make it impossible to access when you need it the most. When you are travelling far distances you need a flashlight that is light, but still has a high lumen output and a long beam distance. The Klarus XT12 GT is a good option.

Holsters. Those who use holsters more often than others are usually police officers and military personnel. Why? Because it is a lot more convenient than digging through a backpack and it is safer than putting it into your pocket. Using a holster to carry your flashlight also has the added benefit of protecting it from any damages.

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Clips. Clips are versatile, however they do not protect flashlights much from scuffs. Flashlights clips are used by clipping them onto your belt, allowing you to take it off and on quickly and easily. Clips can also be used to thread onto other straps such as your backpack and your cap, making your flashlight become a headlamp!

At Klarus Light there is a wide range of flashlights and flashlight accessories to choose from, including lights with clips. Visit the Klarus website today! Or email us on sales@klaruslight.co.za