Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Why is Durability so Important when Choosing a Flashlight?

The materials that are used to make a flashlight are going to affect how durable the flashlight is. Some materials are stronger, while others are lighter and some are even water resistant. It really is important how durable your light is!

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Plastic – These flashlights are available, but it is not likely to protect the parts inside your flashlight if it is ever dropped or falls into water. If you are looking for a proper flashlight that is of high quality, then it is best to choose one of the other options below.

Anodized Aluminium – Most modern flashlights these days are made from this material. Your best bet is to choose a torch with at least type II anodizing, however most tactical flashlights have type III. Take a look at the Klarus Light website for a range of tactical flashlights as well as accessories!

Stainless Steel – This material makes your flashlight as durable as possible, because of how strong it is, however it is a very heavy material which makes the flashlight difficult to carry.

Titanium – A lot like stainless steel, titanium is durable, but much lighter! It is the ideal material, but if you want a flashlight made from titanium you’re going to have to pay a lot for it.

Water Resistance – Having a flashlight that you know can withstand rain or even falling into a puddle is also part of being durable. Depending on the IPX rating of your flashlight, you’ll know how much water your torch can withstand. Check out the waterproof flashlights on the Klarus Light website!

When you choose the right flashlight suited to your specific needs, always keep durability in mind, it is one of the most important factors.

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