Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Fun Things to Do with your Tactical Flashlight

When you think of a tactical flashlight, you think of an emergency tool with a variety of awesome features. With these features, we can not only use a flashlight to light up the dark, but also to do a lot of cool things...

Low Exposure Photographs – Do you have a DSLR camera? Shoot low exposure and you can use your flashlight to create amazing shapes that’ll come out beautifully in photographs.

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Point it into the Sky – Your tactical flashlight can create a range of beautiful effects, simply point it upwards into the sky (this looks even better if it’s raining) and try take some photos, your friends will be amazed!

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Take Silhouette Pictures – By turning off all the lights in the room and pointing the tactical flashlight into your camera while having a subject in front of it, you can take the coolest silhouette pictures ever.

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Light up your Backyard – If you have more flashlights you can light up your entire backyard at night. This trick can be used for birthday parties, braais, pool parties or other occasions. The trick here is to hide your flashlight in the bushes so they light up the trees and the flowers. If you have your batteries fully charged you can go through the whole night without a battery replacement. 

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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Why you need a Blue Filter on your Flashlight

Filters for your tactical flashlight are created to extend the usage of your flashlight to make it more efficient.

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Let’s take a look at why we need a blue light filter...

Blue filters help when you are out camping or hiking and you need to read your map. The light will cast black lines against the white and make it easier to read. So, if you are staying overnight in the dark while camping or on a mission, a blue light filter can mean the difference between getting lost and staying on the right path.

One of the additional uses of blue filters is for hunters. Blue light somewhat makes blood look fluorescent, which makes picking up a blood trail and tracking wounded animals at night easier to do. The blue light helps the blood stand out against foliage.

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Why you need a Green Filter on your Flashlight

You’ve just bought your new tactical flashlight; why not add some additional colourful filters? In some situations it is really a good idea to have a different colour light, especially when you want to go unnoticed.

A green light filter is often used for hunting in the dark. Animals are not able to see green light if it is from the side, however they can see it straight on. This is the reason why animals are not scared by the green light and they won’t run away.

Image result

When you’re hunting and you need to be stealthy, a green light filter can really come in handy.

Some lights, like the Klarus XT11 has a green filter specifically made for it, which screws tightly onto the front of the flashlight and will not drop off and get lost.

With the human eye being most sensitive to the green range of light this makes it an optimal colour to use when traversing through the forest when you are using a low intensity.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Why you need a Red Filter on your Flashlight

One of the first things you’ll want to do when you get a tactical flashlight is accessorize! Many people talk about adding coloured filters, but why would you need them?

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Let’s take a look at the red filter and find out what it’s used for...

The red filter does not affect your night vision, so if you turn your torch off you aren’t blinded. 

Taillights on a car are red for this reason too. If you choose to get the red filter, simply clip it over your flashlight and it’ll allow you to read a map when hiking and find your bearings without having to wait for your eyes to adjust afterwards.

Red light is also used as a distress signal light in many places. Use it when you are in danger or lost and help will be on their way.

Many flashlights these days have been created with the coloured LEDs incorporated, but coloured filters can still be bought for your flashlight and added on. 

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