Thursday, 28 January 2016

Do you really NEED the world’s brightest flashlight?

When it comes to lumen output, more means better, right? Well, not really. The UltraFire 18T6-20000 for instance produces over 20 000 lumens. To put that in perspective, your average car headlight produces about 1500 lumens, so the 18T6 produces over 13 times that!

20 000 lumens is enough power to set paper on fire and even cause blindness. That’s not quite like staring into the sun, but it’s pretty close. The 18T6 has some serious cornea-melting power.

So, when will you ever need that much power? The answer is – probably never. It’s hard to think of a good reason why you would need to carry around a portable sun in your backpack, but you never know.

Regardless of why you would need it, there are practical things to consider as well.

These mega-flashlights make a lot of heat and as efficient as LEDs are, losing energy in the form of heat is bound to happen. In some cases, just the heat can set paper alight or even char wood. Battery life is also something that needs to be considered. In order to power a massive light that produces 20 000 lumens, you’ll need a battery the size of a backpack.

Rather than going for the most powerful, over-the-top flashlight in the world, why not instead choose a power flashlight that is also practical? Like the Klarus RS80, which produces 3450 lumens. 

Take a look through Klarus Light’s broad range of innovative, durable and powerful flashlights, these flashlights are guaranteed to be a great investment, even though their beams can’t start a forest fire!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

You need these accessories to extend the use of your flashlight

Part of the fun of owning a tactical flashlight is the ability to accessorize. You can do that with any old cheap flashlight! There are a variety of flashlight accessories available that can extend the use of your light and none involve glitter or sequins decorations.

Bike Mounts

Do you enjoy riding your bike along the streets or trails after dark? Well then you need a way to light up your path to avoid any unfortunate accidents. A mount for your bike will allow you to clip your tactical flashlight directly to your handlebar – illuminating your path. Once you arrive at your destination you can simply detach your flashlight from the mount.

Headlamp Mounts

There are times when you need to use both hands, but still need to light up the dark. This is where headlamp mounts come into the picture. Headlamp mounts allow you to mount a small tactical flashlight to a headband and turn it into a hands-free flashlight.


Various filters will allow you to change the colour of the light emitted by your tactical flashlight. This can be especially important when you wish to preserve your night vision. Red, blue and green filters are available and each can have its benefits.

Remote Switches

A remote switch is essential if you plan to use your tactical flashlight in conjunction with a weapon. A remote switch allows you to activate the light with a slight amount of pressure with ever having to remove your hand from your weapon.

Picatinny Rails

A Picatinny Rail System will allow you to mount your tactical flashlight directly to your weapon. Installing a Picatinny Rail will allow you to quickly attach and detach your flashlight from your weapon in seconds.

Accessories are a way for you to personalize your tactical flashlight and make it the ideal tool for your chosen purpose.

For a wide range of tactical flashlight accessories, take a look on Klarus Light's website and place your order!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

4 things to keep in mind when you’re searching for the perfect security guard flashlight

Security guards have a tough job, as do most jobs that include protecting people and property. It can be a cold, dark and repetitive grind punctuated by moments of adrenaline, chaos and excitement.

Because of the nature of the job, it is no surprise that security guards choose to invest a lot of money in their most valuable tool – the tactical flashlight!

Walking the rounds – Every security guard is familiar with this part of the job. It’s when you take the time to walk the perimeter of a lot or the interior hallways of a building to check on things. This is a general survey of the surroundings and for this you need a light that casts a large cone of light. A nice diffused cone of light that can illuminate a large area is ideal.

Interacting with people – In the course of your duties, you may be called to interact with people. Whether that is someone who just took a wrong turn, a group of drunken college kids or a potential dangerous threat, you want the ability to probably access the situation. A flashlight that is able to “dial down the power” is perfect. You want to have a clear view of the area but at the same time to want to be able to switch to a lower output so you don’t blind anyone.

Investigating disturbances – When you investigate a potential disturbance you need laser-like focus. You need to find the threat and assess the situation as quickly as possible. A light that offers a high lumen output as well as a tight cone of light is great for these situations. Anything over 100 lumens can be temporarily blinding, so if you’re looking underneath cars and behind dumpsters, shining that bright light can give you the time to subdue your target.

Depending yourself from an attack – Often security officers are advised not to engage with potential criminals. But, it rarely happens that the police get there on time to handle it. There might come a time when you need to defend yourself from an attack. Tactical flashlights are a great weapon; the strobe can temporarily blind and disorientate and the bezel can be used as a striking weapon.

At Klarus Light, a large range of tactical flashlights that meet the needs of the security professional are offered. Feel free to browse the website and look through the inventory before making your decision.