Thursday, 18 May 2017

7 Helpful ways to use your Flashlight when you go Camping

A flashlight can be used for a lot more than you may think. A torch is usually used to light up dark places when you need assistance; however it has many more helpful functions.

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Since LED technology has advanced over the last few years, torches have become smaller, brighter and much easier to control. They use far less energy than they did before yet they are very compact in design. Because of these features, flashlights have become a necessity in everyday life.

Services such as police enforcement, security services and rescue personnel use flashlights all the time and they are a part of their everyday carry, however flashlights are also perfect for when you go camping or hiking.

A torch is not just there for illumination, it can also be used for self-defence in a dangerous situation as well as help in an emergency situation. Tactical torches were invented for this very purpose that is why they are so popular in the military and other armed forces.

A flashlight needs to be reliable, especially when you take it camping. Every responsible camper knows a flashlight is a must-have, no matter if you are just using it for the quick trip to the showers or during a dangerous night hike. While you are camping ALWAYS bring your torch along!

Here are 7 helpful ways to use your flashlight when you go camping:

     1.       Use your torch to light up the outdoors while you are hiking, setting up your campsite or driving.

     2.       Have the ability to read at night with your flashlight. Create an easy headlamp with the Klarus torch head strap.

     3.       Cook after the sun sets with the assistance of your flashlight.

     4.       Search for things in the dark and light up any suspicious objects.

     5.       Use your torch to light up your campsite.

     6.       Tactical torches can be used as a self-defence tool. Light up the area to scare a potential attacker or dangerous animal away or shine directly into their eyes to temporarily blind them.

     7.       The body of most tactical torches is extremely hard and strong enough to be used as a weapon.

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Klarus has a range of tactical torches that are perfect for the great outdoors, we could recommend the Klarus G20 and the Klarus XT11S.

Your tactical torch can used in a number of ways, camping is one of them. Make sure to always keep your flashlight on hand when you take your next camping trip. What else would you use your flashlight for when you go camping?

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