Thursday, 20 April 2017

Review – Klarus XT12 GT

Are you looking for a tactical torch that can send out a large amount of lumens, but still have a battery that lasts?

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The Klarus XT12 GT is a torch that sends out a whopping 1600 lumens of blinding power! Here are a few things that have really stuck out about this light...

Charge your XT12 GT like you charge your MacBook – with a magnetic charging interface that allows the charger to literally jump onto the charging port. When the torch starts charging the light will shine red and a green light will appear when it is complete. Even the light glows brightly enough for you to see if your flashlight is done charging from across the room.

On the tail of the flashlight is a mount which allows it to be attached easily to just about anything, e.g. your jeans, holster or key ring.  There are also great accessories that you can add onto the XT12, such as a remote pressure tail cap and multiple colourful filters.

The XT12 GT is able to work in even the most severe weather conditions with its hard aluminium body and ability to be underwater at depths of up to 2 metres. It is comfortable in your hand when you hold it, plus the charging connector even has a nifty light you can use!

You can buy the Klarus XT12 GT from or take a look at the range of other tactical torches and accessories.

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