Monday, 21 September 2015

The flashlight that disables you and makes you throw up

Watch out for the cops, because their flashlights might make you throw up! Intelligent Optical Systems has created the first flashlight that is so bright it can disorient bad guys and make them nauseatingly sick.

The flashlight is being developed for the Department of Homeland Security, and it uses a range finder to measure the distance to the targets eyes so that it can adjust the energy of light to a level that won’t cause permanent damage only make suspects feel sick and dizzy. It then rapidly shoots out pulses of light in an array of bright light emitting diodes (LEDs).

So, the flashes incapacitate a person in two different ways. First it temporarily blinds the person, as any bright light would, and then it pulses in different colours and durations. This affects people in different ways, ranging from disorientation to vertigo to nausea.

It’s not clear why this causes the affects that it does, however helicopter pilots have been known to crash because they become disorientated by the choppy flashes on sunlight coming through the helicopter’s spinning blades.

Of course, if you want to avoid throwing up all over the cops, all you need to do is close your eyes or get your hands on a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses. But then again, if you’re trying to avoid the cops with your eyes closed it may be a bit difficult.

Be aware, this device may look like a normal flashlight, but in mere seconds it will have anyone looking at it vomiting profusely!

Watch the video here...

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Monday, 14 September 2015

7 reasons why you should carry a tactical flashlight for self-defense

A tactical flashlight isn’t like any old regular flashlight. It is powerful, extremely durable and originally made for police and military use. However it has become a popular self-defense tool.
There are 7 helpful reasons why you should carry a tactical flashlight with you for self-defense:

1. Lighting up a dark area will prevent an attacker from surprising you.
Always keep this in mind – dark areas contain threats! If you are walking past a dark area or corner and you can’t see what’s there, shine your flashlight on it. You have to always have light, walking past and getting surprised by an attacker is not an option.

2. Shining light directly into an attacker’s eyes.
Shining a small high intensity beam into an attacker’s eyes can blind them, plus it can be painful, giving you the opportunity to get away. It can also give you the chance to fight back if you need to.

3. Flashlights are usually welcome.
You can’t carry around a gun or a knife with you onto an airplane or into a mall, but you can carry your flashlight around with you anywhere, anytime and it’ll be okay.

4. No need for special training.
Can you press the button on your flashlight? Then you’re good!

5. Improvised as a weapon.
Some flashlights have extremely hard edges or ridges. If you are forced to fight back, you can always hit your attacker as hard as you can with your flashlight and it’s going to hurt a lot.

6. Flashlights are discreet.
Imagine how people would react if you reach for your purse when you’re paying for some groceries and you pull out a massive survival knife. Knives, guns and pepper spray may attract unwanted attention, while people think nothing of a flashlight.

7. Versatile tools.
Using a flashlight for self-dense isn’t the only thing it can do. Having one in your pocket when the power goes out, when your car breaks down in the dark, or when you’re in an emergency situation is also very handy.

Watch these informative videos to find out why tactical flashlights work for self defense and how to use them...

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Did you know there are many different types of flashlight reflectors?

The design of a flashlight reflector makes a big difference in the way the light beam is emitted by the flashlight. Without a reflector, the light would spread in all directions, like a candle. There are several different types of reflectors, each with their advantages. Here are a few…

* Smooth Reflector *

The smooth reflector is the most common type used in your average flashlights. The beam put out by this type of reflector is usually full of “rings and holes”, meaning rings of light and patches of darkness. Some of the better smooth reflectors put out a decent beam of light, but most don’t.

* Course Faceted Reflector *

In a course faceted reflector, the facets all act like tiny little mirrors, sending the spot of light in the same direction. This usually results in a very nice, smooth beam which does not need focusing.

* Fine Faceted Reflectors *

The facets in this reflector are much finer than those in a course faceted reflector. The finer the facets, the smoother the beam will be!

* Spiral Faceted Reflector *

The facets of a spiral faceted reflector have the same effect as the faceted reflectors, above, but the fine facets in a tight spiral help it achieve a smoother beam.

* Hybrid Reflector *

This reflector contains faceting, but only near the bulb. This helps to get rid of the central “hole” found in the beam from most smooth reflectors. It’s a way to produce a decent beam without the expense of making the reflectors fully faceted.

* Textured Reflector *

This last one is called many things, including “textured” or like an orange peel. This is considered by some to be the ultimate faceted reflector. Instead of facets, there is a gentle texture on the reflector that again projects a very smooth beam with little or no “rings and holes”. This type of reflector is usually found in better quality lights.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How to maintain and store your flashlight

When you desperately need your torch and you pull it out to discover it’s not working anymore, nothing is more frustrating! To avoid this dilemma you have to create a routine where you maintain and store your flashlight so it’s always ready at a moment’s notice.

 Consider using these easy steps before storing your beloved flashlight…

1. Always make sure all bits of dirt, dust, grime and water are wiped off of the outside case of the torch. Use a soft cloth and try not to dent or damage the material.

2. Ensure the threads on the body and the head are clean and dry and without any snags.

3. ALWAYS check the battery compartment for signs of leakage or corrosion.

4. Its best to remove and inspect the batteries after each use. Never leave the batteries inside your torch when you know you won’t be using it for a long time.

5. Check the overall condition of the flashlight. Are there any cracks or holes? Is the power switch damaged? For a quick fix, use tape!

6. The condition of the glass over the bulb is also important. Make sure to clean and polish it and check for any cracks.

7. Don’t forget to examine the bulb and LED itself. If there are any broken or discoloured wires, replace immediately.

8. Do you have a lanyard on your flashlight? If so, check it for any frays and make sure it is secure. The cord is the only thing holding your flashlight from falling.

9. Protect your torch against rust and corrosion. Lightly coat all the grooves and ridges with silicone grease when possible.

10. If you rarely use your flashlight, wrap it in soft protective cloth when you store it.

Even if you don’t often use your flashlight, make it a habit to check it and ensure that it is working properly. Maintaining your torch won’t take a lot of time and effort. You will be thankful you looked after it when you need it in an emergency and it works effectively!