Tuesday, 25 April 2017

What exactly is a Tactical Flashlight?

Your normal, everyday use flashlight is a lot different to a tactical flashlight. Why? Because tactical flashlights are designed with a different purpose in mind.

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Tactical flashlights are usually made from durable, aluminium that can take a hit and still live to tell the tale. Designed to be mounted on a weapon and used in a range of different weather conditions, a tactical torch is created to withstand a lot.

If you have been searching for a flashlight that is easy to carry, bright and can also double as a self-defence weapon, then a tactical torch is what you’re looking for.

But, why exactly should you use a tactical flashlight? There are many reasons; here are a few of the most important ones...


A tactical torch can really help when you are in a dangerous situation. If someone threatens your safety, a bright light with high lumens shining in their eyes can temporarily blind and disorientate someone enough to allow you to escape. Many tactical torches also have bezel edges which are supposed to help if you ever have to break through a window, however it can also be great to use it if you have to defend yourself. Take a look at the Klarus XT12 GT – it is small enough to carry around and it offers a high lumen output.

Identifying Threats

A tactical torch is after all, a torch! So if you are ever walking in a dark place a trusty flashlight is perfect. A torch is there to light up the dark, whether it is at home, in your car or in a dark alley. Tactical flashlights these days are extremely bright, so they can shine at a great distance. Check out the Klarus G20 with a massive output of 3000LM!

Emergency Situations

When the power goes out, the worst thing is to not have a trusty flashlight on hand. Having a tactical torch will mean that you instantly have light, bright light!

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