Thursday, 11 May 2017

Using your Tactical Torch for Self-Defense

When you use it in the right way, your average tactical flashlight can be turned into an amazing self-defense weapon!

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Your trusty flashlight can be taken just about anywhere with you, from the shopping mall and the movie theatre to an airplane where weapons are banned, but your torch can still be kept by your side for personal defense.

Here are the most important ways you can use your flashlight to protect yourself…

Identify possible threats – Most attackers will use the cover of darkness as an advantage against you. A bright torch that has a high lumen output, such as the Klarus G30, with a whopping 2450 lumens is perfect for identifying anything dangerous in areas that don’t have much light. This enables you to spot dangers skulking in the shadows and scare them off.

Disorientate attackers – When someone shines a bright light directly into your eyes when it is dark it can really blind you for a few seconds, even minutes! Take advantage of this and use it against anyone who tries to attack you! The Klarus G20 has an output of a blinding 3000 lumens! This is enough to disorientate anyone that dares to confront you. Once your attacker is blinded you will have enough time to escape the situation and search for help.

Acts as a weapon – A lot of tactical torches such as the Klarus XT30R have a stainless steel strike bezel which is manufactured to be used in emergency situations. However it can be used as an improvised and highly effective weapon during an attack. After you’ve momentarily blinded your attacker by shining directly into his eyes, you have the opportunity to strike as hard as you can with your stainless steel strike bezel.

All tactical torches are different, however if you are looking for a torch that can also be used in a self-defense situation, it needs to have the following features:

      -          Small and easy to carry
      -          Simply buttons and functions
      -          Extremely bright
      -          Reliable
      -          Durable
      -          Established brand such as Klarus

When you think about self-defense a flashlight might not be the first thing that pops into your mind, however when you use it in the right way, it can very well be the best weapon for self-protection!

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