Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Most Important Features of a Tactical Torch

You’ve heard the term “tactical torch” or “tactical flashlight” many times, but because it is used so often do you have any idea what its proper meaning is?

So if people are using the term more often than they should, what is the real definition of a tactical torch and what exactly makes it one?

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Here are the most important features of a tactical torch:

High Quality – A tactical torch may be a bit on the expensive side, however it is a quality investment that will last you for many years to come.

Variable Modes – A torch is not tactical unless it has a range of different modes (often including an SOS mode) as well as different brightness levels.

Simple Interface – A tactical torch is designed to be used in high pressure, dark and sometimes dangerous situations. The user interface of the torch needs to be easy to use and simple to understand such as a side switch or a tail cap switch.

Interruption Modes – When you have the ability to quickly use your high intensity beam or strobe then you have a proper tactical torch. The interruption mode allows you to temporarily disorientate a potential attacker.

Related imageHigh Lumen Output – You won’t always need to use a blinding 2000 lumens, however if your torch doesn’t offer a lumen output that is at least in the hundreds then you can’t really call it a tactical flashlight.

Tough and Durable – A tactical flashlight is often used in tough conditions, like outside in the wilderness or in the pouring rain so it needs to work even during the bad times.

Carrying Options – A tactical flashlight needs to be easy to carry and to access. A lot of tactical torches come with a holster or a clip for easy access.

Weapon Mount – tactical torches are specifically designed to be used with a weapon. Always make sure that your torch is compatible with the weapon mount that you choose to use.

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