Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Signalling for Help with your Flashlight

No matter how much of a professional you are, the wilderness is unpredictable and it can turn your simple hiking trip into a fight to survive.

Injuries, weather changes, wild animals or simply getting lost can end in you needing to summon help immediately.

A flashlight could mean the difference between life and death, so you need to learn how to use your torch to signal for help when times get tough.


When you are trying to signal for help, it is vital that your torch is powerful enough to be seen from a distance away, on the ground and in the air. This is why it is better to purchase a powerful LED tactical torch than a regular cheap torch that will only provide a weak beam of light. LED flashlight’s can be seen from far distances – visit the Klarus website and take a look at the range of LED tactical torches. The Klarus G20 and the Klarus XT12 GT are recommended choices.

If your backpack is spacious, it is also a great idea to bring along a LED lantern. Why? Because they are bright and offer longer battery life as well as emergency strobe settings that’ll help rescuers find you easily.

Yes, it is important not to wander off as you may get more lost, however it is a smart idea to try and find a high point or a large clearing where you can send out your signal to heighten your chances of being spotted. BUT only do this if you are not injured and you can see the location from where you are standing – never wander off without knowing where you are going!

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It is tempting to leave your flashlight on in case someone happens to see it, however it is important to make sure your batteries last a long time – you don’t know how long you’re going to be searching for help! Use your torch as sparingly as you can to preserve battery life, even if your torch has long-lasting LED technology.

Signal for help in brief blasts of light by turning your flashlight on and off instead. Here’s how:

  n  Three flashes in a row signal that you are in need of help.

  n  The Morse code signal for help is: three short flashes, three long flashes and three more short flashes.

If there is a helicopter in the distance your torch can be used to signal it for help, so always keep your eyes and ears open for any lights, sounds and other signs that people might be nearby. This is why it is so important to preserve your batteries, so you can signal over help when necessary.

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If you manage to signal help you may be tempted to move from your position and head towards your rescuers, however this is the worst mistake you can make! You can signal for help at your current position, so the last thing you want to do is move from that position and not be there when people arrive to help you.

Rather keep calm and wait for them to come to you instead, while signalling to help them find where you are located.

Planning on taking a hiking trip? Always remember your trusty flashlight is not just for lighting up the dark, but it can also save your life in times of need!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

7 Helpful ways to use your Flashlight when you go Camping

A flashlight can be used for a lot more than you may think. A torch is usually used to light up dark places when you need assistance; however it has many more helpful functions.

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Since LED technology has advanced over the last few years, torches have become smaller, brighter and much easier to control. They use far less energy than they did before yet they are very compact in design. Because of these features, flashlights have become a necessity in everyday life.

Services such as police enforcement, security services and rescue personnel use flashlights all the time and they are a part of their everyday carry, however flashlights are also perfect for when you go camping or hiking.

A torch is not just there for illumination, it can also be used for self-defence in a dangerous situation as well as help in an emergency situation. Tactical torches were invented for this very purpose that is why they are so popular in the military and other armed forces.

A flashlight needs to be reliable, especially when you take it camping. Every responsible camper knows a flashlight is a must-have, no matter if you are just using it for the quick trip to the showers or during a dangerous night hike. While you are camping ALWAYS bring your torch along!

Here are 7 helpful ways to use your flashlight when you go camping:

     1.       Use your torch to light up the outdoors while you are hiking, setting up your campsite or driving.

     2.       Have the ability to read at night with your flashlight. Create an easy headlamp with the Klarus torch head strap.

     3.       Cook after the sun sets with the assistance of your flashlight.

     4.       Search for things in the dark and light up any suspicious objects.

     5.       Use your torch to light up your campsite.

     6.       Tactical torches can be used as a self-defence tool. Light up the area to scare a potential attacker or dangerous animal away or shine directly into their eyes to temporarily blind them.

     7.       The body of most tactical torches is extremely hard and strong enough to be used as a weapon.

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Klarus has a range of tactical torches that are perfect for the great outdoors, we could recommend the Klarus G20 and the Klarus XT11S.

Your tactical torch can used in a number of ways, camping is one of them. Make sure to always keep your flashlight on hand when you take your next camping trip. What else would you use your flashlight for when you go camping?

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Most Important Features of a Tactical Torch

You’ve heard the term “tactical torch” or “tactical flashlight” many times, but because it is used so often do you have any idea what its proper meaning is?

So if people are using the term more often than they should, what is the real definition of a tactical torch and what exactly makes it one?

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Here are the most important features of a tactical torch:

High Quality – A tactical torch may be a bit on the expensive side, however it is a quality investment that will last you for many years to come.

Variable Modes – A torch is not tactical unless it has a range of different modes (often including an SOS mode) as well as different brightness levels.

Simple Interface – A tactical torch is designed to be used in high pressure, dark and sometimes dangerous situations. The user interface of the torch needs to be easy to use and simple to understand such as a side switch or a tail cap switch.

Interruption Modes – When you have the ability to quickly use your high intensity beam or strobe then you have a proper tactical torch. The interruption mode allows you to temporarily disorientate a potential attacker.

Related imageHigh Lumen Output – You won’t always need to use a blinding 2000 lumens, however if your torch doesn’t offer a lumen output that is at least in the hundreds then you can’t really call it a tactical flashlight.

Tough and Durable – A tactical flashlight is often used in tough conditions, like outside in the wilderness or in the pouring rain so it needs to work even during the bad times.

Carrying Options – A tactical flashlight needs to be easy to carry and to access. A lot of tactical torches come with a holster or a clip for easy access.

Weapon Mount – tactical torches are specifically designed to be used with a weapon. Always make sure that your torch is compatible with the weapon mount that you choose to use.

Take a look through Klarus Light’s wide range of high quality tactical torches! We recommend the Klarus G30 and the Klarus XT30R or take a look through the range of flashlight accessories.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Using your Tactical Torch for Self-Defense

When you use it in the right way, your average tactical flashlight can be turned into an amazing self-defense weapon!

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Your trusty flashlight can be taken just about anywhere with you, from the shopping mall and the movie theatre to an airplane where weapons are banned, but your torch can still be kept by your side for personal defense.

Here are the most important ways you can use your flashlight to protect yourself…

Identify possible threats – Most attackers will use the cover of darkness as an advantage against you. A bright torch that has a high lumen output, such as the Klarus G30, with a whopping 2450 lumens is perfect for identifying anything dangerous in areas that don’t have much light. This enables you to spot dangers skulking in the shadows and scare them off.

Disorientate attackers – When someone shines a bright light directly into your eyes when it is dark it can really blind you for a few seconds, even minutes! Take advantage of this and use it against anyone who tries to attack you! The Klarus G20 has an output of a blinding 3000 lumens! This is enough to disorientate anyone that dares to confront you. Once your attacker is blinded you will have enough time to escape the situation and search for help.

Acts as a weapon – A lot of tactical torches such as the Klarus XT30R have a stainless steel strike bezel which is manufactured to be used in emergency situations. However it can be used as an improvised and highly effective weapon during an attack. After you’ve momentarily blinded your attacker by shining directly into his eyes, you have the opportunity to strike as hard as you can with your stainless steel strike bezel.

All tactical torches are different, however if you are looking for a torch that can also be used in a self-defense situation, it needs to have the following features:

      -          Small and easy to carry
      -          Simply buttons and functions
      -          Extremely bright
      -          Reliable
      -          Durable
      -          Established brand such as Klarus

When you think about self-defense a flashlight might not be the first thing that pops into your mind, however when you use it in the right way, it can very well be the best weapon for self-protection!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Using a Tactical Flashlight for Hunting, Military and Police Work

You can use your tactical flashlight in many ways, including hunting, military work and law enforcement.

Below we will discuss how your tactical torch can assist you in each area...

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Hunting Flashlights:

When you’re in the wilderness, your torch becomes your best friend! There are so many ways it can assist you – lighting up your aim, sending out an SOS and even blinding a predator or your prey.
The importance of your tactical flashlight is vital. Klarus provides compact, durable flashlights that fit snugly under or next to the barrel of your hunting weapon, so no problems will be experienced when you are busy hunting.

The Klarus XT11S is an ultra-compact, lightweight, super-bright tactical torch that has a special hunting mode, a whopping 1100LM output as well as the ability to attach colourful filters – visit the Klarus website and place your order today!

Military Flashlights:

These torches are specially made for forces such as the army and the military. Generally they are attached underneath or next to the barrel of the weapon, and can be used with other equipment such as a gun mount or a pressure switch.

A military flashlight will usually have three specific light signals Strobe, SOS and firefly. These light signals are used in emergency and combat situations.

A great tactical military flashlight is the Klarus XT1C or the Klarus XT30R.

Police Flashlights:

In law enforcement, you will always need a handy flashlight nearby. When mounted on a weapon it can be used by special forces or simply with a handheld weapon. A tactical flashlight is something can be used in self-defence by either striking the attacker or shining the light directly in their eyes to momentarily disable them.

A police flashlight needs to be sturdy, durable, impact resistant, and compact with a strong body, steel bezels and preferably a Strobe light setting. It should overall combine the use of a baton with a light!