Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Choosing the Perfect Tactical Flashlight for Police Work

There is a reason we call tactical flashlights tactical. Why? Because they are mainly used by tactical forces, one of the largest markets being the police force.

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A police officer needs a dependable flashlight, one that is high quality, powerful and easy to use. So, what features are required of a tactical flashlight in the police force?

  n  High Lumen Output

Police officers need to be bright! Most police tasks, especially search and rescue operations need an above average lumen output in order to see victims or criminals.

  n  Beam Distance

When police officers choose how far their beam throw needs to be, they need to take into consideration how they will be using their tactical flashlight. If they are doing regular residential patrols then they won’t need a beam distance as long as police officers patrolling rural areas.

  n  Battery Life

An average shift for a police officer can last up to 12 hours without any access to a charger, so having a tactical flashlight that has a battery life that lasts long is a must.

  n  Impact Resistance

Working in the police force can be dangerous; you never know what conditions will be thrown your way. Police officers often tussle with criminals or get knocked down on the job. This is why it is important to have a tactical flashlight that can handle the impact and keep on functioning.

  n  Size & Weight

A police officer’s carries a lot of equipment on the job. When you think about the amount of weight they need to be carrying on a daily basis, a conveniently sized flashlight would be the best option, especially when they use their flashlight alongside their weapon.

A tactical flashlight is perfect for tactical work; this is why police officers are one of the largest groups of tactical flashlight buyers.

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