Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Best Places to Carry your Flashlight

Most of the time when it comes to flashlights we like to focus on certain features, such as lumen output, beam range, battery life, water resistance, etc. But one of the most important things people forget to think about is how they’re going to carry their flashlight!

How you carry your flashlight depends on your situation and how you use it...

Pockets. If you plan on putting your flashlight in your pocket, you need to make sure it is going to fit. This means your flashlight needs to be relatively small and thin, otherwise it might fall out when it need it most. When you think about how you will carry your light, consider the type of pants or jacket you wear the most – are the pockets small and tight like jean pockets? Or deep like pockets on a parka? A flashlight like the Klarus Mi7 is a great option if you plan on using your pockets as it fits nicely and provides a high lumen output.

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Packs. If you’re a regular hiker or camper you probably carry your flashlight most often in your backpack. This means you have the luxury of getting a slightly bigger flashlight, but you need to make sure it is not too heavy! Never store your light in the bottom of your backpack as that will make it impossible to access when you need it the most. When you are travelling far distances you need a flashlight that is light, but still has a high lumen output and a long beam distance. The Klarus XT12 GT is a good option.

Holsters. Those who use holsters more often than others are usually police officers and military personnel. Why? Because it is a lot more convenient than digging through a backpack and it is safer than putting it into your pocket. Using a holster to carry your flashlight also has the added benefit of protecting it from any damages.

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Clips. Clips are versatile, however they do not protect flashlights much from scuffs. Flashlights clips are used by clipping them onto your belt, allowing you to take it off and on quickly and easily. Clips can also be used to thread onto other straps such as your backpack and your cap, making your flashlight become a headlamp!

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Tactical Flashlights for Military use

Your tactical flashlight can be useful in many areas, including military use, police use and even hunting.

Flashlights used in the military are amazing for safety. Most of the time they are attached directly on the gun, under the barrel, as well as on the rail such as mounted on the riflescope, laser pointer, etc.

The other features included for military purposes include a bezel that can be used in close combat, special light signals (Strobe, SOS) and a special tactical setting for emergency situations.

The strobe light signal means that the flashlight blinks with high frequency – this is often used in self-defence... Let’s take a look at the advantages:

-- The frequent flashes of light can confuse enemies

-- It can blind them for a short period of time

-- Provokes agitation and stupor

-- It can change their mental condition

-- And it can even frighten away any dangerous animals

The SOS light signal is used in rescue situations, which can help you attract help when you are in a difficult moment. This can work for a few hours.

Tactical flashlights are extremely useful, not just for police and hunting work, but also in the military.

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