Tuesday, 20 June 2017

How to preserve your Night Vision when using a Tactical Flashlight

When using a tactical flashlight it can be frustrating as well as dangerous to have to wait a few seconds for your night vision to readjust again.

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So what is the best colour to use with your tactical flashlight to preserve night vision?

Well, the answer is tricky because it depends!

For many years, all tactical flashlight owners believed that red light was the best colour to utilize in order to preserve their night vision (That’s why our vehicle’s tail lights are red in colour). However just because red light is used in dark rooms when developing film, and it is seen as a good preserver of your night vision, doesn’t mean it is as unquestionable as people once thought.

Image result for red flashlight lightLet’s take a look at the theory behind our night vision…

The part of our eye that allows us to see in low lighting are called the rods. The rods are apparently not as sensitive to the colour red as they are to other colours, meaning that red light can be seen when using a tactical flashlight without giving up night vision. This theory is logical, but it actually doesn’t work like that.

The fact is that no matter the colour that is being used on the tactical flashlight – blue, red or green – the chemical in the eye that allows night vision to work is broken down immediately. The problem when it comes to preserving night vision is not the colour of the tactical flashlight, but instead the brightness of the light. The only way you can truly maintain your night vision is to change the intensity of the tactical flashlight’s beam.

But simply using your eyes instead of a coloured tactical flashlight can have its issues, such as:

  n  You cannot see directly in front of you
  n  You cannot see colours
  n  It is difficult to see and recognize details

What is the answer to preserve your night vision when using your tactical flashlight? You need a flashlight that is able to add coloured filters as well as change to different lighting modes.

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Visit the Klarus website and take a look at the range of different tactical flashlights on offer. Many allow you to alter the intensity of the flashlight beam as well as add optional coloured filters.

Klarus Light designs and manufactures some of the most exciting, practical and innovative LED torches on the planet with ultra-high Lumen output.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Klarus G20 - The Search Light that Fits into the Palm of your Hand

Klarus is renowned for creating some of the most innovative, truly incredible flashlights on the planet. The Klarus torches are precisely made tools built to withstand the rugged wilderness and offer a high lumen output that can illuminate for metres ahead!

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Offering only the best in LED torch technology using Cree LEDs, Klarus tactical torches promise users that very little energy will be consumed, but a large amount of lumens will still be emitted at the most effective levels.

If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, Klarus makes some of the best LED tactical torches on the planet!

Let’s take a look at the Klarus G20 torch

Exceeding its role at being stealthy with bucket loads of power, the G20 outputs a blinding 3000 lumens with a 6 day running time and a beam that can light up even the darkest of nights!

Created to be a mini search light, the G20 has a super bright, wide beam with no blind spots, making it the perfect flashlight for camping, hiking, rescue and emergency personnel.

It is a surprise how small the Klarus G20 is, when it comes to search lights you would expect a torch that is a lot bigger and a lot heavier. However, the G20 fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, but is still capable of producing a wide, intense beam of light.

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The G20 has been manufactured with a beautiful aerospace aluminium alloy body that is scratch resistant and waterproof for up to two metres. You’re probably thinking that the G20 is difficult to use – no! It has a simple side / tail independent dual switch control for easy usage and a lock-out mode to prevent accidental power-on.

Transform your night into day with the one-touch turbo feature, allowing you to instantly go from reading a book in the one-touch low mode to illuminating the entire area around you. The torch also features a strobe mode and an SOS mode for those you find themselves in an emergency situation.

The Klarus G20 is able to monitor its own internal temperature and adjust the output to provide the maximum lumen output. This in turn protects the LEDs and the components inside to ensure safety, stability and optimum performance.

Have you been searching for an extremely bright and durable tactical torch that can provide you with a lumen output of 3000? The Klarus G20 torch from Klarus may just be the perfect light for you.
Rule the night with the Klarus G20!

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To purchase your very own G20 torch, visit Klarus Light and place your order today!