Wednesday, 10 June 2015

How does an LED flashlight work?

An LED flashlight is a portable, handheld light source, and they are known to be the best lighting technology. Klarus Light has a top range of affordable LED flashlights to choose from. But, how do LEDs work?

Looking at basic lighting technology, you will usually see incandescent bulbs, which are your average light bulbs. They work by heating up a tiny metal filament that glows, which can waste a lot of energy because of all the heat that is produced. This means that the run time is usually short and the light is not very bright.

When LED flashlights are turned on, the filament casts a light that reflects away from the bulb, and the reflectors can focus and even magnify the light to project a stable beam. LEDs are usually preferred because they have special features that are not found in your average flashlight. Some of the better features are that they have a stable, crisp light source that is much brighter than a standard bulb.

LED flashlights are perfect for camping or hunting trips, unlike a normal flashlight; they can send concentrated beams of light that can reach 1.5km away. They are also durable under tough conditions. A standard flashlight may not be able to last very long in the extreme outdoors – the bulbs are easily broken and are useless if shattered. Most LED flashlights are made out of tough, durable material that can stand a few drops and throws.

Most flashlights will work for three to five hours depending on the life span of the batteries. LED flashlight, however, last much longer! You can get 100 hours of light before needing to replace the batteries. In the end LED flashlights save you money and make changing batteries a thing of the past.

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