Wednesday, 3 June 2015

5 ways your flashlight can save your life

In a survival situation, darkness can be a dangerous thing. It disorients us, makes us less aware of our surroundings, creates fear and panic, and provides a cloak for criminal activity.

A reliable flashlight is an important tool to keep on hand at all times. If you know how to use it properly, an LED flashlight can help save your life in a number of scenarios.

Here are five ways you can use your flashlight in an emergency situation:

1. Spot trouble before it happens
Criminals prefer to work in darkness! An LED flashlight is your best bet for spotting a potential attack before it occurs. Walk with confidence and shine your flashlight into any shadows where someone may be hiding.

2. Defend yourself
A flashlight can also be used to tactically ward off an attack. Instead of holding it the way people usually do, with your fingers pointing towards the bulb, invert your fist and grip the flashlight with the bulb pointing away from your thumb. This allows you to use the handle for either jabbing or swinging like a baton.

3. Send an emergency signal
If you’re lost of stranded, an flashlight can be used as a beacon to signal help. More than one lost hiker has been found by search and rescue teams thanks to the intelligent use of a flashlight.  To signal for help, send three rapid pulses of light at a time, as the strobe effect is more likely to grab someone’s attention.

4. Ward off an animal attack
Not all threats are from humans. If you encounter a dangerous animal at night, a blast of bright light in the eyes can disorient take it enough to scare it away.

5. Escape a death trap
In an earthquake, fire or other disaster, you may need to quickly escape from a darkened building. A flashlight can prevent injuries by staving off panic and helping you find a way out with minimal trouble.

Survival is all about resourcefulness and getting the most out of every tool available to you. A flashlight is one of the most versatile tools available!

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