Thursday, 18 June 2015

Review - Klarus Light XT20 Tactical Torch

If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, KLARUS makes some truly incredible flashlights. The flashlight that we will be looking at today is the XT20 tactical torch. This torch is advertised to be stealthy and powerful, and it definitely exceeds that role. The XT20 outputs a blinding 2000 lumens and makes an ideal night patrol flashlight and search light.

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It is surprising how small the XT20 is, many would expect it to be much bigger and heavier. But, no matter what it size is, it is capable of producing wider, more intense beams of light because of the two heads.

The XT20 has a beautifully machined aerospace-grade aluminum body. The torch is hard-anodized in dark grey, for scratch resistance. In your mind the torch probably seemed a lot longer, but it is only 218mm long and 25.4mm wide. The light has an anti-roll and anti-slip body design and it fits your hand comfortably.

Many have said that the rear button on the XT20 can be accessed very easily, even from different positions. Plus it is easy to find in the dark and will be pressed by default when pressing the tail of the light.

There are 4 lighting modes and 1 flashing mode, and they seem very well spaced out, the low mode is just right for reading. There is even a special button that will activate the strobe whether the flashlight is on or off.

The XT20 is a great tactical torch as it can be weapon mounted and used with the Klarus TR10 pressure switch for remote control.

This torch may seem clunky and oddly-shaped, but it is also very comfortable to carry. The torch comes with a Klarus heavy duty holster with a belt loop and a D-ring, which is a nice touch!

If you are looking for an extremely bright and durable tactical torch them the XT20 tactical torch from Klarus may just be the perfect light for you.

What have your experiences with the Klarus XT20 tactical torch been?

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