Monday, 22 June 2015

How to hold a tactical flashlight

Tactical flashlights are used as a self-defense tool mainly by military and law enforcement professionals. It is most often accompanied by a handgun or a small firearm; tactical flashlights are compact, durable and incredibly bright – a feature that allows the defender to temporarily stun or disable an attacker. 

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By testing and exploring a variety of holding techniques, you can better prepare yourself for a real combat situation.

What you will need:
     ·         Pistol or handgun
     ·         Tactical flashlight
     ·         Mirror

     ·         Position the mirror so you can clearly see your upper torso and face in the reflection. Ensure that your pistol or handgun is empty and unloaded for practice.

     ·         Wield your handgun in your desired hand and grip the tactical flashlight in the other. Grip the tactical flashlight in a full-palm grip with your thumb immediately over the activation button. Extend both arms forward until the barrel of the gun and flashlight are parallel to each other, with hand clasped together. This holding technique is called “Surefire.”

     ·         Lower the hand holding the tactical flashlight and cross it beneath your hand holding the firearm so that your wrists touch. Practice this basic technique, called the “Harries,” in the mirror by aligning your wrists and keeping them firm you pivot your hips and arms.

     ·         Raise your hand holding the tactical flashlight until your elbow forms a 90° angle. The arm holding the tactical flashlight should be fully extended, while the forearm raises perpendicular to it. Hold the flashlight with your fingers so that the middle finger of your hand rests on the activation button. This is called the “Modified FBI” grip, and it is a method for holding the light above and away from the centre of your body while keeping your gun hand fully extended and ready to fire.

Turn out the lights in the room and practice the three holding techniques. Explore holding options with your palm and fingers and distinguish which technique you favour, or which provides the most maneuverability and visibility. Practice quickly turning the flashlight on and off as needed, soon you will master all the ways to hold a tactical flashlight!

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