Monday, 8 June 2015

6 Things your Tactical Torch should always have

When tactical flashlights are researched and tested, you have to look at a lot of different things. For a wide range of grade-A tactical torches and other flashlights, take a look at Klarus Light’s website.

Here are some of the things any real tactical flashlight should always have:

Runs on AA batteries
- It is the most common battery in the world. In a survival situation this is very good. A great flashlight is no good at all if you can’t turn it on.

Ultra Durable
- This is kind of self-explanatory. If your flashlight is broken or it breaks easily, it just becomes a torch-shaped paperweight.

- Chipped flashlights are more efficient with batteries as they are electronically controlled and run longer and brighter. They will hold brightness over time and then dim quickly at the end of the battery’s life-cycle.

Latest LED Diodes
- Each flashlight has to run on the latest or very close to the latest LED diodes. LED tech has gotten to the point where you can have super bright lights that last a very long time.

Multiple Modes
- Each flashlight should have at least one bright mode (to blind attackers), a mid-range mode (for everyday tasks) and a low light mode (for night use or super long life).

- It’s important that the flashlight you choose has a solid reputation and has proven to be effective in the field time and time again.

Anytime a company or brand claims they have the best product you always have to do your research. Make sure you go through these six things and make sure your tactical torch has them!

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