Thursday, 2 July 2015

The advantages of a flashlight for personal protection

When it comes to choosing a weapon for self-defense, a flashlight isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. However, when used correctly, it is an amazing tool for personal protection.
Here are some of the advantages of carrying a flashlight for personal protection…

  Ø  There are no Restrictions: The great thing about flashlights is that they are legal to carry around. There is also no restriction on carrying a flashlight on airlines or in other areas where handguns are commonly prohibited.

  Ø  Flashlights are Discreet: Flashlights are very discreet. If a flashlight were to drop out of your pocket or bag in a public area, it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow. Compare that with the reaction you would get if a knife or a gun had to drop onto the floor.

  Ø  Disorientation Factor: Especially at night, there is something about getting a smack of lumens straight in the eye that can mess with your orientation. It’s disconcerting and it’s meant to be! Many confrontations and potential attacks can be avoided by simply shining a bright flashlight in your attacker’s eyes.

  Ø  Effective against Animals: Animals, even more so than humans, become disorientated and confused when a bright light is shined in their eyes. When using really bright lights animals often react by running away.

  Ø  Illuminated Threat Areas: No other tool has the ability to illuminate low-light areas. Since human predators like to use the advantage of the cover of darkness when they lie and wait to attack , a flashlight can remove that advantage and disrupt their attacks.

  Ø  Provides a Tactical Advantage: When coupled with other self-defense weapons, a flashlight provides a great tactical advantage. Not only does it illuminate threat areas, but it can also blind an attacker.

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