Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Review – Klarus Light XT12

The Klarus XT12 is a tactical flashlight with a whopping 930 Lumens of blinding power! There are a few things that stick out to me about this light.

The magnetic charging is one of the best features on the XT12. Klarus has been adding their patented magnetic charging interface to lots of their new lights. It works absolutely fantastic and you don't need a cover for the charging port. The magnet is strong, and the charging cord literally jumps on the charging port. A solid red ring will appear while it's charging and a solid green when complete. Even the red/green glow ring glows a decent amount, allowing you see if it is fully charged from across the room. 

A standard 1/4 mount is drilled on the bottom. This makes the XT12 easy to attach to just about anything. Optional accessories for the XT12 are available like a meaner deeper striking bezel, remote pressure tail cap, and multiple filters. 

On the tail-cap is where the dual function buttons are located. One turns on the strobe. You can momentarily turn on the strobe or if you hold down for 3 seconds the strobe will stay on and switch between strobe and SOS. This is a great feature if you were to drop the light and were in need of help. The other button on the tail cap can be used as monetary or a full click will turn the XT12 on straight to its 930 lumens highest setting. Once the light is on you use the secondary switch to go through high, medium, and low. At any time while the light is on you can hold down the secondary button for 2 seconds and the light will enter strobe mode. Once in strobe mode, simply press the secondary switch once and it will go back to the highest setting. 

The XT12 is very comfortable in the hand and has a removable cigar grip for easier one hand operation. It has an IPX-8 water-proofing rating up to 2 meters or 6 feet. You do not need a cap to cover the charger!  

You can buy the Klarus XT12 here or any other Klarus flashlight!

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