Monday, 6 July 2015

Some of the world’s coolest, most unusual flashlights

Take a look at the collection of coolest, but a bit unusual, flashlights from all over the world…

Ear Light Just place this flashlight in a similar manner to most Bluetooth headsets and it allows you to use both palms for other activities.

mPower Flashlight It gives 180 lumens of light and comes with a reserve power backup which can hold its full capacity for up to 20 years!

Flexi Flash Flashlights These flashlights have flexible bodies that allow them to wrap around and attach to a variety of objects.

Keychain FlashlightThis super-bright keychain flashlight is small and features a unique quick-release mechanism.

Cord Lock FlashlightThis stainless steel spring lock securely clips to the cord on your hoody, backpack, sleeping bag and so much more.

Arka FlashlightThe Arka is a compact lantern/flashlight and also works as a portable recharging station for any USB-compatible device such as your smartphone, cameras, GPS and more.

Gorillatorch FlashlightThis Gorillatorch adjustable tripod flashlight features powerful, magnetic, bendable and flexible legs that allow it to attach to an array of different objects.

Dual Beam FlashlightThe Nightlighter contains two distinct light sources; one shines in the area ahead of you and the other lights up the area near your feet. Working together, the lights provide a wide coverage illumination.

Buglit Micro Flashlight With its bendy wire legs and mini clip, this flashlight resembles a small insect that will stand, sit or cling on wherever you want.

Baseball Bat Flashlight It provides security and illumination in the darkness with a powerful 200 lumens of light and features a 3-mode switch.

You may not be interested in purchasing any of these weird flashlights, so take a look at Klarus Light. They have a wide variety of durable flashlights at an affordable price.

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