Thursday, 15 December 2016

Why you need a Green Filter on your Flashlight

You’ve just bought your new tactical flashlight; why not add some additional colourful filters? In some situations it is really a good idea to have a different colour light, especially when you want to go unnoticed.

A green light filter is often used for hunting in the dark. Animals are not able to see green light if it is from the side, however they can see it straight on. This is the reason why animals are not scared by the green light and they won’t run away.

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When you’re hunting and you need to be stealthy, a green light filter can really come in handy.

Some lights, like the Klarus XT11 has a green filter specifically made for it, which screws tightly onto the front of the flashlight and will not drop off and get lost.

With the human eye being most sensitive to the green range of light this makes it an optimal colour to use when traversing through the forest when you are using a low intensity.

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