Thursday, 15 December 2016

Why you need a Blue Filter on your Flashlight

Filters for your tactical flashlight are created to extend the usage of your flashlight to make it more efficient.

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Let’s take a look at why we need a blue light filter...

Blue filters help when you are out camping or hiking and you need to read your map. The light will cast black lines against the white and make it easier to read. So, if you are staying overnight in the dark while camping or on a mission, a blue light filter can mean the difference between getting lost and staying on the right path.

One of the additional uses of blue filters is for hunters. Blue light somewhat makes blood look fluorescent, which makes picking up a blood trail and tracking wounded animals at night easier to do. The blue light helps the blood stand out against foliage.

Take a look at the Klarus Light website, where you will find a blue light filter that screws tightly onto the Klarus XT11 torch.

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