Friday, 5 August 2016

The Differences between Military Flashlights and LED Flashlights

If you compare the flashlight industry average with the military flashlights and LED flashlights you will see that these 2 models of flashlights are more advanced than every other flashlight. Although military flashlights and LED flashlights are very different from each other both perform highly.

Military flashlights are becoming very popular lately because of their multiple featured modes that allow all military flashlights to be classified not only as a simple light, but as a multi-functional tool that is useful in every situation. On the other side we have LED flashlights that have been trending for several years now in the flashlight industry as one of the brightest flashlights with the highest battery capacity available on the market.

Although both flashlight models have extremely high performances the big dilemma is which type of flashlight is more convenient for everyday usage?

Military flashlights specifications and features

In order for a flashlight to be classified as a military flashlight it has to fulfil certain conditions. The conditions that a military flashlight should have are: lumen capacity of more than 500 lumens, at least 2 featured modes, battery capacity that can last up to 48 hours and a rechargeable option.

LED flashlights specifications and advantages

LED flashlights on the other hand are very different than military flashlight in every field. In order for a flashlight to be classified as a LED flashlight it has to be upgraded with the latest hardware technology. The latest hardware technology works on a principal where instead of the outdated LED diodes a LED chip is used. LED diodes are known for not transmitting the entire lumen capacity of a flashlight because of their circular body structure. Unlike LED diodes, LED chips have a square body structure that can successfully transmit the entire lumen capacity of a flashlight. 

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