Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Review - MiX6 Ti

Klarus Light designs and manufactures some of the most innovative torches on the planet. The MiX6 Ti is one of the smallest and brightest AAA flashlights in the world with four different outputs.

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The tiny flashlight has a titanium body for corrosion resistance and a solid feel. The user interface is the usual AAA interface with tighten and loosing of the head.

The light has a Textured OP (Orange Peel) reflector with the XP-G led at the bottom.

The head is smooth except for some grooves. The actual light engine is mounted in a brass insert that also has the threads and o-ring. Using brass for threads gives a very good quality threads.

The battery connection in the head is surrounded by a black soft ring, this ring will reduce battery rattle and work as a mechanical polarity protection. This light does not use the standard ring on the circuit board for power connection and on/off, it looks like the switching is done by breaking the battery connection, both at the top and bottom.

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The inside of the battery tube, it also has a soft ring. There is no spring, but the connection has some flexibility.

The backend of the light is made for use on a key chain, making it convenient enough for everyday carry. However, because of this the light cannot tail stand.

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This light is a solid and well performing keychain light; its titanium body means that it is perfectly built to survive around your keychain.

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