Thursday, 21 January 2016

You need these accessories to extend the use of your flashlight

Part of the fun of owning a tactical flashlight is the ability to accessorize. You can do that with any old cheap flashlight! There are a variety of flashlight accessories available that can extend the use of your light and none involve glitter or sequins decorations.

Bike Mounts

Do you enjoy riding your bike along the streets or trails after dark? Well then you need a way to light up your path to avoid any unfortunate accidents. A mount for your bike will allow you to clip your tactical flashlight directly to your handlebar – illuminating your path. Once you arrive at your destination you can simply detach your flashlight from the mount.

Headlamp Mounts

There are times when you need to use both hands, but still need to light up the dark. This is where headlamp mounts come into the picture. Headlamp mounts allow you to mount a small tactical flashlight to a headband and turn it into a hands-free flashlight.


Various filters will allow you to change the colour of the light emitted by your tactical flashlight. This can be especially important when you wish to preserve your night vision. Red, blue and green filters are available and each can have its benefits.

Remote Switches

A remote switch is essential if you plan to use your tactical flashlight in conjunction with a weapon. A remote switch allows you to activate the light with a slight amount of pressure with ever having to remove your hand from your weapon.

Picatinny Rails

A Picatinny Rail System will allow you to mount your tactical flashlight directly to your weapon. Installing a Picatinny Rail will allow you to quickly attach and detach your flashlight from your weapon in seconds.

Accessories are a way for you to personalize your tactical flashlight and make it the ideal tool for your chosen purpose.

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