Thursday, 28 January 2016

Do you really NEED the world’s brightest flashlight?

When it comes to lumen output, more means better, right? Well, not really. The UltraFire 18T6-20000 for instance produces over 20 000 lumens. To put that in perspective, your average car headlight produces about 1500 lumens, so the 18T6 produces over 13 times that!

20 000 lumens is enough power to set paper on fire and even cause blindness. That’s not quite like staring into the sun, but it’s pretty close. The 18T6 has some serious cornea-melting power.

So, when will you ever need that much power? The answer is – probably never. It’s hard to think of a good reason why you would need to carry around a portable sun in your backpack, but you never know.

Regardless of why you would need it, there are practical things to consider as well.

These mega-flashlights make a lot of heat and as efficient as LEDs are, losing energy in the form of heat is bound to happen. In some cases, just the heat can set paper alight or even char wood. Battery life is also something that needs to be considered. In order to power a massive light that produces 20 000 lumens, you’ll need a battery the size of a backpack.

Rather than going for the most powerful, over-the-top flashlight in the world, why not instead choose a power flashlight that is also practical? Like the Klarus RS80, which produces 3450 lumens. 

Take a look through Klarus Light’s broad range of innovative, durable and powerful flashlights, these flashlights are guaranteed to be a great investment, even though their beams can’t start a forest fire!

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