Monday, 14 September 2015

7 reasons why you should carry a tactical flashlight for self-defense

A tactical flashlight isn’t like any old regular flashlight. It is powerful, extremely durable and originally made for police and military use. However it has become a popular self-defense tool.
There are 7 helpful reasons why you should carry a tactical flashlight with you for self-defense:

1. Lighting up a dark area will prevent an attacker from surprising you.
Always keep this in mind – dark areas contain threats! If you are walking past a dark area or corner and you can’t see what’s there, shine your flashlight on it. You have to always have light, walking past and getting surprised by an attacker is not an option.

2. Shining light directly into an attacker’s eyes.
Shining a small high intensity beam into an attacker’s eyes can blind them, plus it can be painful, giving you the opportunity to get away. It can also give you the chance to fight back if you need to.

3. Flashlights are usually welcome.
You can’t carry around a gun or a knife with you onto an airplane or into a mall, but you can carry your flashlight around with you anywhere, anytime and it’ll be okay.

4. No need for special training.
Can you press the button on your flashlight? Then you’re good!

5. Improvised as a weapon.
Some flashlights have extremely hard edges or ridges. If you are forced to fight back, you can always hit your attacker as hard as you can with your flashlight and it’s going to hurt a lot.

6. Flashlights are discreet.
Imagine how people would react if you reach for your purse when you’re paying for some groceries and you pull out a massive survival knife. Knives, guns and pepper spray may attract unwanted attention, while people think nothing of a flashlight.

7. Versatile tools.
Using a flashlight for self-dense isn’t the only thing it can do. Having one in your pocket when the power goes out, when your car breaks down in the dark, or when you’re in an emergency situation is also very handy.

Watch these informative videos to find out why tactical flashlights work for self defense and how to use them...

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