Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Choosing a Flashlight for your Emergency Kit

When you choose your flashlight, the most important thing to ask yourself is when are you going to be using it?

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From there you can see what the perfect size, style and type of flashlight you need.

Here’s how to find the perfect flashlight for your emergency kit...

* Heavy Duty

You never know what is going to happen during an emergency, so you need a flashlight that can take a beating. Go for a flashlight that has a heavy duty design, with features such as waterproof, high quality lenses and a casing that can withstand impact. Consider the Klarus XT12 GT tactical flashlight.

* Long Battery Life

How often do you use your emergency kit? Probably once or twice a year, or even less than that. It is easy to forget about your emergency kit until the time actually comes to use it, so make sure that your flashlight has a long battery life. Another option is to keep some spare batteries in the emergency kit as well. Consider the Klarus XT11S tactical flashlight.

* Brightness

If you are ever in an emergency situation, you may need to use your flashlight for more than just lighting up the dark. In some cases you may need to use your flashlight to signal for help (find out how here), so it is best that it is a high-lumen flashlight. Consider the Klarus G30 flashlight.

Always consider these options when you choose a flashlight for your emergency kit...

Visit the Klarus Light website and take a look through the wide range of tactical flashlights, most are perfect for your emergency kit!

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