Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The most important flashlights that everyone should own

Image result for holding flashlightThere is no such thing as having too many flashlights. You should always have multiple flashlights, because every single one has a different use. Visit Klarus Light for a wide selection of different flashlights!

It’s great to have a flashlight within arm’s reach at all times, these are the five types you should keep around…

Keychain Light

This flashlight is small and inexpensive, a keychain light can be your new best friend! It provides light in and around your car – this is especially good when you are alone walking to your car. It illumination power will not be able to match that of larger lights, but you don’t always need a beam bright enough to melt steel. A little squeeze is often all you need, and it’s just right for checking pupil dilation in first aid situations.

Pen Light

Pen lights have really come a long way over the years. Bright beams, long battery life and a tough construction are just a few of the typical characteristics. A pen light is perfect to keep in your purse, pocket, and survival kit or anywhere a compact light would be welcome. Pen lights that clip onto a hat brim or a pocket are extra handy.

Tactical Light

When you’re in a situation where you hear a bump in the night, a tactical light with high-lumen, ultra-bright tactical light will be perfect. These lights are able to reach out into the darkness and let you see what you want and need. Look for lights that have multiple features like battery saving low-intensity settings and an attacker disorienting strobe setting.

Heavy Light

Yes, there is still a place for those large, long and clunky battery flashlights. You should keep one on the table next to your bed as they double as a light and a backup weapon!

Head Lamp

This is many people’s favourite in most situations. The headlamp gives us hands-free lighting, very often with a long battery life. Headlamps will stream illumination wherever you look, while keeping both your hands free to do work.

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What kind of lights do you carry with you? Always have spares in case one becomes damaged or lost.

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