Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Review - Klarus XT2C

The Klarus XT2C flashlight itself feels high quality, with no sharp edges and good balance and utility. The interface is also much more intuitive than a lot of the tactical flashlights and it seems like this feature puts the XT2C above a lot of others. Like many other high end flashlights, this one is designed for an 18650 li-ion battery or two CR123 camera batteries. You may want to order your flashlight with the batteries and charger from the Klarus Light website; there you’ll find a wide range of durable, affordable and innovative tactical torches.

The switch interface on this flashlight is spot on for the intended application. Mode-less operation means that actions are always the same. A light press on the main button pulls the flashlight up on high, whereas a harder press clicks it down to stay on. That by itself isn’t fantastic; it’s how the flashlight incorporates the strobe functionality that is really usable.

Strobing flashlights are supposed to confuse and disorient targets, but incorporating another mode into a flashlight in an intuitive way is difficult. Most flashlight interfaces are somewhat confusing to use. However, with the Klarus XT2C you can press the “Mode” button to get straight to a momentary full brightness strobe!

With all the buttons on the back and a compact body, this flashlight would be a great candidate for mounting on a pistol or rifle.

The light beam on the XT2C could be described as “floody” and very wide. The reflector is fairly small and uses an “orange peel” style texture rather than a smooth one. When you point it at something, it floods the whole area with light instead of focusing tightly where you aim it. This is perfect for the intended use as a weapon mounted flashlight.

You probably wouldn’t drop your flashlight into a glass of water, but it’s nice knowing that it can handle some water without any problem at all. The flashlight is spec’d at fully waterproof to 2 metres because the o-rings on both sides stop the water from getting past. This light is also impact resistant to a certain height.

All in all, the Klarus XT2C is great value for money. The Cree XM-L is a great LED and really pumps out the lumens in this small flashlight.

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