Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How to find the best small flashlight for you

Power used to mean sacrificing convenience. In order to have a powerful flashlight you needed to be willing to carry around a huge, bulky flashlight. Anything that could fit in your back pocket wasn’t good for much more than reading a book or using to find the candles in a power outage.

But things have changed. Today, even small flashlights can have a high lumen output and long beam throw. Some even incorporate advanced features that previously were only found in top-of-the-line, tactical flashlights. Technology is a wonderful thing, and we live in exciting times!

So, what defines a small flashlight, and how does a small flashlight become the best?

A Small Flashlight Defined
Typically a small flashlight is under 10cm and under 100 grams in weight without the battery. Anything under 8cm and 75 grams is considered a mini-flashlight – though many people use these two categories interchangeably. Finally, under 5cm and 50 grams and you have a micro (or keychain) flashlight.

What Places a Small Flashlight Among the Best?
Now that you know defines a small flashlight, it’s time to get into what distinguished a small flashlight as one of the best.

-- An Easy to Use Interface
We bet you thought we were going to say power, right? Well, we will get to that, but we think the user interface is even more important than power. Given the size of these lights, there isn’t a whole lot of room to work with. So, an efficient and easy-to-operate user interface is a must. Make sure you can access any of the flashlights modes quickly.

-- Lumen Output
Okay, time to talk about power. This is pretty easy. In order to be ranked among the best, a small flashlight needs multiple brightness modes and a max lumen output of AT LEAST 200. Anything less and it doesn’t qualify.

-- Multiple Beam Shapes
There are two types of beams: flood and throw. Throw is long, narrow and focused; Flood is short, wide and diffuse. The best small flashlights allow you to choose between either.

-- Construction Material
There was a time when small meant comprised of inferior materials. That’s not the case anymore. The best small flashlights use the same materials as the larger ones: high-quality, aero-grade, anodized aluminium. Don’t accept anything less.

-- Impact and Water Resistance
In order to be the best, an impact resistance of at least one meter and a water resistance rating of at least IPX-7 per ANSI/FL1 standards are necessary.

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