Friday, 19 February 2016

How heavy is too heavy for your flashlight?

Weight can play a big role when it comes to deciding what tactical flashlight you want to buy. Weight generally means size and really more power. A larger, heavier flashlight mat not necessarily offer a better level of brightness than its smaller, lighter counterpart. So, when is bigger better and when is it just an obstacle.

When a larger tactical flashlight can be a great fit…

A larger flashlight has some of its greatest benefits when weight isn’t an issue. Larger, heavier tactical flashlights are perfect for home use or camping when weight and size are not so important. They are also excellent for the car, boat or even your emergency go-bag. Many security and law enforcement professionals favour the larger models because they can be used as self-defense weapons.

Bigger is not always better, but if you’re not planning on carrying your flashlight for a long period of time, then investing in a large tactical flashlight might be your best option. Make sure to evaluate a variety of weights and models before your decide on the right one for you.

Ideal large flashlight: Klarus RS80

When a smaller tactical flashlight can be the right choice…

Smaller lights have their place, and that place is normally attached to a wrist or in a backpack. Small, lightweight flashlights are ideal for those who engage in activities covering long distances, such as backpackers. They love small flashlights because they don’t take up much space, they don’t add weight to their backpacks and they’ve still powerful enough to illuminate a trail. Plus if you have the right accessories, like a head strap, they can be used as a headlamp. Runners also love the smaller tactical flashlights as they can easy fit on a lanyard or in a running pack.

Keep a lightweight tactical flashlight in your car, your emergency kit or even in your handbag or pocket. Your choice of tactical flashlight is entirely a matter of personal choice. With the weight of a flashlight being measured in grams, they could potentially all be a match for your goals.

Ideal small flashlight: Klarus XTQ1

Flashlight weight plays an important role in choosing the right flashlight for your needs. Big or small? Which flashlight will you choose?

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