Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Flashlight lumens – How does it impact your light decision?

Choosing the right flashlight is all the about the light, and the ability to choose the amount of light you get is a key feature of a high-quality flashlight. The amount of light a flashlight produces is measured in lumens, and some flashlights even have up to 3000 lumens. That’s great and all, but you don’t always need that much light.

Let’s take a look at the most common settings you will find on most tactical flashlights and their uses.
1 – 20 Lumens
This is about the power level of a flashlight you would use to read a book under the covers. It is ideal for finding your car keys at the bottom of your bag, walking outside to take the garbage out and yes reading a book under the covers.

10 – 25 Lumens
This is the default setting for most flashlights. It is powerful enough to accomplish most tasks and not be overpowering in a closed space. Most “emergency” flashlights have this level of output. This setting is perfect for those random power cuts.

36 – 60 Lumens
If you like to spend time in the great outdoors, this is the setting that you will use most often. It is perfect for finding your way around a campsite or lighting your way on a late night hike through the woods.

100 + Lumens
A light that generates this much lumens is considered a tactical flashlight. This is the amount of light police officers and firefighters use when they are called to a scene. A flashlight that emits over 80 lumens has the power to temporarily blind an attack. Looking for a durable, affordable tactical flashlight? Take a look at Klarus Light’s wide range.

1000 + Lumens
This is the type of light that search and rescue parties use. It has the power to light up a forest and even further. It is ideal for finding the lost, but it is unlikely that you will ever need this output. However, it is still good to have just in case.

In addition to the ability to choose lumen output, many tactical flashlights offer the ability to select alternative lighting modes such as the strobe and SOS mode.

Don’t settle for a flashlight with one setting; choose a flashlight that will provide the perfect amount of light in all situations. At Klarus Light, you can choose from a variety of different flashlights!

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