Monday, 5 October 2015

What makes a tactical flashlight… tactical?

If you have spent any time at all researching high-quality flashlights, you’ve seen the term “tactical flashlight” more often than you can count. In fact, this formerly descriptive and specific term has become so overused; it has almost lost all meaning.

So, if everyone is using “tactical” to describe any flashlight with a black finish, what is a true tactical flashlight? What characteristics must a flashlight possess to earn that title? What makes a tactical flashlight…tactical?

There are a few features that every tactical flashlight will possess, in one form or another.

High quality – You won’t find a tactical flashlight in the clearance bin, it is a quality investment that will last you for years to come.

Variable modes – A tactical torch must have the ability to cycle between different brightness levels and modes of operation.

Easy to use user interface – This flashlight is designed for dark, dangerous and intense situations, so it makes sense for it to have an easy to use interface. Most tactical flashlights have a tail cap switch, but side switches are also common.

Interruption modes – The ability to quickly access either a high intensity beam or a strobe light is what is known as an interruption mode. This will allow you to disorientate or blind an attacker.

High max lumen output level – Not all situations call for a 300 lumen beam, but if a flashlight doesn’t offer a max lumens output that is in the hundreds, then it’s probably not a tactical flashlight.

Tough and durable construction – You’re probably going to use your tactical flashlight in less than ideal conditions so you need it to work even at the worst of times. Quality tactical torches use aero-grade or anodized aluminium.

Carrying options – Easy access to your flashlight is a tactical requirement. Many proper tactical flashlights will come with a high-quality holster, or an integrated clip that makes it easier to deploy and harder to lose.

Weapon mount compatibility – Tactical flashlights are designed to be used with a firearm. If you have to use duct tape to mount your torch on your weapon then it’s definitely not a tactical flashlight. Always make sure your tactical flashlight is compatible with your preferred mounting method.

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