Monday, 17 August 2015

How to play flashlight tag

Flashlights don’t only have to be used for protecting yourself against attacks or finding criminals in the dark, they can also be used to play the fun, after-dark game – flashlight tag!

Flashlight tag is a great family game, plus it’s simple to play and requires very little equipment.
Staying up late and playing in the dark turns a simple game of tag into an exciting adventure that will be remembered long after.

What you’ll need:

- At least 2 or 3 people, with 4 or more it’s even more fun!
- An open area
- A dark night
- A Flashlight

Safety guidelines:

When playing games in the dark, especially with younger children, it is important that you be extra careful about safety.

Check for hazards

Before it gets very dark outside, scout the playing area for potential dangers:

- Holes
- Low hanging branches
- Logs and other tripping hazards
- Tables and other obstacles

Set the boundaries

Before you begin the game, make sure all the players know where the boundaries are and how far they can roam.

Agree on a signal

Decide amongst yourself on a code word to yell or some other signal that children can use if they feel unsafe or scared. Using the signal should bring the game to a halt.

Use common sense

Never play flashlight tag, or any other running games, near a campfire or where there is traffic.

Let’s play:

- Choose one person to be “IT”
- “IT” gets the flashlight
- “IT” closes eyes and counts to 50
- Everyone else runs away
- “IT” opens eyes, turns on the flashlight and searches for the others, who can continue to run around
- When someone is found, “IT” shines the flashlight directly at that person and calls out their name
- The found person then becomes “IT”

Playing flashlight tag is a fun, lively game, with players frequently changing their hiding places during the course of the game, which adds a fun twist.

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